Shahi Paneer Recipe – How to make Shahi Paneer – Side dish for Naan, Chapati, Paratha

Written by Mullai

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  1. Nisha Bharath

    Mullai, this saturday I have planned for a big party at home for 16 people and planning to do your shahi paneer. I have a question in this, u have replied to one of the member saying that tomato puree can also be used for this dish. Can you please let me know how much of tomato puree will be required for this recipe for 16 people and at what stage should it be added? Is the saute part required for tomato puree too… Expecting ur reply..

    1. Mullai

      Nisha, tomato puree might work and for this recipe you might need about 1 and 1/2 cup, but I personally don't like bcos some brands are really sour and strong due to more citric acid. If you decide to use store bought puree then add a pinch of sugar. Just add this puree in the place of tomatoes. As such this recipe will serve 4 to 5 approx.. so you might have to make 4 times the quantity for 16 adults. Try making in two small batch. Thanks.

  2. Nisha Bharath

    Hi Mullai,

    I am a regular visitor to ur website, and it has become a kind of habit checking your site…
    This is the first time I am posting a comment.
    Ur recipes rocks !!! We are expecting more and more recipes from you.

  3. abi

    Mullai, just now i finished my dinner with this and chapathi. tastes really good….simply superb… but i dont get the colour as in pic.. maybe bcoz i use normal chilli pdr instead of kashmiri red chilli pdr…

    1. Mullai

      Ripe red tomatoes and kashmiri chili powder are the main source for colour. Taste matters the most, a pinch of food colour would help but its not advisable for day to day preparations.

  4. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Mullai..

    A just miss,I should say.I was about to post this recipe today morning(b’se I had cn this request under recipe request) and surprisingly the moment I logged in,it was already posted by you.The only difference was that I had used halfcup of milk and half cup of curd.whereas u have used 1 cup of curd.I had not used the nutmeg powder too..So now awaiting for another recipe from ur end as all the recent post of urs are my common recipes at home..So awaiting eagerly for ur next post…


    Radha Arvindh 

    1. Mullai

      Hi Radha,

      Glad you guys have a great spiceindia menu plan.. haha… happen to make some Paneer this week and don't wanna keep it too long in the refridgerator. So.. had to come up with this, not a problem… you can post urs too. Actually not yet decided on my next post,  got to check the list. OK… sure wouldn't interefere with your post, ummm..  thats a clue!!

  5. priyam

    hi mullai,

    amazing work. i really wonder how do u get these receipes. i am always on internet for search of receipe but nowdays first think after i check email & i check ur site for new ones. i love the pictures. i am not able to do everything sometime my baby doesnt. he always wants my computer. i have so many wonderfull receipes with pic but seriously no time with 10month little one. but still i keep trying urs. ok keep posting…

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