PANEER PARATHA RECIPE ~ Indian Cottage Cheese Paratha

Written by Mullai

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  1. Emma

    Mullai please give the water measurement. That was your speciality compared to others. I tried many recipes but only your chappathi recipe gave me the softest chappathi. Please give the exact water amount like that.

    1. Mullai

      Thanks Emma for that compliment! I did update the recipe with the measure, check the notes too. Roughly its a 1/2 cup water for every cup of atta. Sometimes it drinks more depending on the quality of ground wheat. I’ve used Aashirvaad atta which took about 1 cup plus some extra tablespoons for 2 cups wheat flour. Do not add everything at once, add little by little. The dough should be soft but shouldn’t look sticky, that’s the right texture. Hope this helps, get back when you try with few clicks to share on our fan page. Thanks!

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