PANEER MAKHANI RECIPE – Indian Cottage Cheese Gravy – Paneer Recipes

Written by Mullai

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  2. merais

    Excellent dish! I added some extra chilli powder and, green chill and coriander.

    Your recipes are fantastic. Last week I made your prawn biriyani. This week am making your chicken biriyani, cant wait!

  3. sunset

    Hey Mullai,
    Should thank you for the recipe first! 🙂 I have 2 doubts though. I tried frying the paneer as you said till golden. But it was not showing any signs of turning golden. Instead it was giving out water and becoming real tender without changing color. So i just took it off flame then. i wonder why?
    Then…I had some canned tomato puree in the fridge which i opened a couple of weeks ago. when i took it out to use, it was no longer red but dark maroon color. So i didnt have the confidence to use it in the curry!Is it a sign it is gone bad? I couldnt make out anything from the smell.
    I substituted with tomatoes for puree and i got a good dish nevertheless 😛 Something different, maybe not as good though 🙂
    Hope to try out your other recipes. I am inspired by the raving comments for your recipes!!! 🙂
    Thanks a lot !

    1. Mullai

      Hi Sunset, here are the answers to your questions 1. Tawa with oil should be hot enough to brown them, anything under low flame will take little longer to brown. First place them over a paper towel to drain any water and then start frying. Paneer with water content will splutter when dropped in oil, proceed with caution. Also soak them in warm water until use after frying. This will keep the inner flesh soft. 2. Canned tomato puree usually good for fist use, then as you said the vinegar or preservative sometimes make them black. So use the whole can or tightly seal the leftover in a clean glass bottle and refrigerate. I usually smell them first if its too sour and looks too dark, then would definitely toss it trash. One best option… if you think of buying canned tomatoes…. buy canned whole tomatoes and crush. If possible try to buy the one with no preservatives, its quite hard to find but check your market, sometimes you might get lucky. Thanks.


  4. taj palace chef

    Didnot come out ok with puree. We had to add water at the end to take out the tangy flavor of puree. Next time will try same recipe with fresh tomatoes instead.

  5. Riti

    Excellent recipe… follow it to the point and you can’t go wrong 🙂 o nly thing i added was.. green chillies.. madd spicey but amazing

  6. rawals

    Great recipe, made it for my husband and he loved it. I didnt use 3 tsps chilli powder only 2, but added some green chilli too. was a great dish, will be using more of your recipes now!

  7. rawals2

    Hi, I made this for my husband and I last night and he loved it and was so impressed!! I did not put the 3 spoons of chilli in as it seemed a lot, however did use soom green chilli. I loved it and will be using your recipes again! thanks a lot

  8. Sunil

    Amazingly easy recipe and tastes great too……
    Me and my friends love this Dish and most of the time we eat out…For once I gave this a try at Home…..and boy o boy….it was great!!!
    Thanks a Buch!!
    Looking forward for more!!

    1. Mullai

      Hi Sunil,

      Glad you all like it. Hope you guys (bunch of bachelors or bachelorette????) would try my other recipes too and get back with a feedback. Anyways, thanks for visiting.

      1. Visitor

        Yep…we are a bunch…and already on the way of trying out other recipes…would appreciate to see more veggy stuff!!
        Thanks mullai..

  9. Helen

    I’m newly vegetarian and newly introduced to Indian cuisine. Thank you so much for having easy and quick recipes for me to whip up for myself and my boyfriend! This one was delicious and he has asked me to make it again soon. I am happy to comply!

    1. Mullai

      Helen, Nice to know that it turned out great. Go ahead and try more recipes and surprise your boy friend. BTW, checked your cartoons… Good work.

  10. shanu

    Hi Mullai Di,

     I tried this recipe this weekend….it was awesome!!! My husband liked it verrrry much…thanks for such recipes which make us feel that we are eating in a restaurant!

    Cheers! Shanu.

  11. jenny

    this recipe is really excellent!!! i tried this and came out well… thanks for the recipe and clarifyin my doubt… will u please add butter chicken recipe also? thanks…

    1. Mullai

      Hi Jenny, thanks a bunch. I did see your recipe request and sure will try to post. Let me make one point clear, I am just a home cook and do this work as a hobby, I won't have all the ingredients locked up in my pantry, sometimes might run short of items, like how typical housewives do. So, certain preparations have to take a long…….break until my next visit to the supermarket. I go with whatever pops out of my refrigerator. Kindly bear with me and one day will surprise you with the dish. Hope you would understand. BTW how did you hear about this website?

      1. jenny

        ok.. ur recipes r really excellent and always reliable… : ) thats y i asked u…i know the recipe finally appears here will be excellent…  so waitin for that… and if u dont mind i hav some more items to ask…

        and i got this site from orkut…  

    1. Mullai

      Jenny, making tomato puree is little time consuming, store bought canned crushed tomatoes or whole tomatoes works fine too. If you are interested in making, just boil the tomatoes for 4 minutes, then put them in cold water, this should loosen the skin, remove it with a fork, Core the tomatoes and directly add them to the sauce. Hope this helps.

  12. siva

    wonderful recipe. for me it was a bit hot and spicy. second time I tried the recipe with 2 level teaspoons of chilli powder. it was wonderful and every one loved it.

  13. Vivek Sharma

    Wonderfully depicted recipe of paneer makhani. The pics add complete body to the recipe. Would read more of ur recipes on the site. Good job!!


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