Paneer Butter Masala Recipe ~ Restaurant Style Paneer Butter Masala ~ Paneer Recipes

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      I’m very happy that you liked it & thank you so much for taking your time to post a feedback. Also would appreciate if you click & send pics of the recipes you try. Thanks again!

  1. Sujatha Deen

    Hi, Mullai,

    I tried this recipe for dinner and it came out delicious and yummy:-).
    Thank you for sharing the recipe. My hubby and I LOVED it 🙂


    Sujatha Deen

  2. Cappuccino

    Mullai, since years i have been planning to try Paneer Butter Masala and ended up having at restaurants. Finally i made it today. It was superb.Ingredients list looks lengthy but quite easy to follow.

    I was too lazy today and had not followed the method exactly. I did not blanch the tomatoes. Also used creamer and it was creamy. It was tasting like exactly as restaurant style. Your recipe is always the best. Thank you so much dear.

  3. swinnmister

    I actually had this dish when staying in Rajasthan, India and it was fabulous. To be honest this didn’t come close.

    Improvements: Firstly choose very ripe tomatoes, if not, use tomato paste like I’ve seen in many other recipes- it makes the dish richer. Instead of boiling down the milk, just buy cream and that’s even better- again the sauce is richer. With the cashews soak them for a few hours then grind to a paste rather than grinding them into a slightly grainy powder. Love blending the onions to a paste though, v. good.

  4. swethavelan

    Hi Mullai,
    today i tried ur me it was tooooooooooooo good and it had the same flavour as we get in a restaurant.i have tried the same before using other recipes.never have i got the same flavour or the taste.thanks for this wonderful work and please continue ur service.if we offer our dear ones dishes with the taste of a restaurant at our sweet home,nothing can be better.thanks once again.

  5. Viji Sathish

    i tried this today for lunch along with Peas Pulav .. both turned out really delicious… my husband liked it very much.. thanks much… iam trying out many recipes from urs… great work Mullai..

  6. Vidhya Prasad

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried this receipe double the quantity u mentioned for a party, it turned out to be sour taste bcos of tomatoes (but took the exact quantity). Evertything else was ok. How to get rid of that since the party is in the evening. pls reply me as soon as possible.


  7. mithra

    Hi Mullai, Can i substitute tofu for paneer?If so,can i do the same way r any modifications needed? How to store remaining paneer?

    1. Mullai


       Tofu will work but wont taste that rich but a healthy substitute. Leftover paneer can be  kept in tight box in the refrigerator for couple of days. Freezing also works, is doing so then lightly fry in oil, let cool completely and freeze in an air tight box. Thanks.

  8. Niyati Busa

    Hello Mullai,

    Thanks, wanted to let you know that this recipe of yours turned out to be wonderful. I am a veggi and I love to cook and explore food varieties. Would like some more of delicious recipes from ya!!


  9. umasam

    dear mullai ,
    am new to this nice to c all ur postings am planing to try veg briyani tomorrow but i just ned to know if the ingredients mentioned ( 2 each of tom , onions cloves etc)would suffice if am to use ordinary rice instead of basumati rice would appreciate if u r able to ans imm in case u r online . thanks uma

  10. utkarshdps

    hey mullai,
    i tried your recipe tonite and hope fully it will come out good( i am still in the process)
    thanks for the recipe 🙂
    this is also my first time cooking dinner for my familey and so they are really

  11. Divya R

    Hi, Mullai!! I tried this recipe today for dinner – and it came out delicious :-). Thank you for sharing the recipe for my favourite dish of all time. My hubby and I LOVED it 🙂



  12. Ron

    Hi Mullai Akka, I wanted to try this recipe for a long time..Thght today i wud give it a go..sadly i dont hav tomatoes but Contadina tomato sauce.Is that same as tomato puree?  will that replace the regular tomatoes.

    One more baking powder we get here is baking soda?

    plz help.

    Thanks Rohini

    1. Mullai

      Ron dear, these store bought sauces will kill the recipe. I don't think getting tomatoes in US is such a big deal, almost every tini tiny markets around the corner will have abundant supply. My advice, buy good ripe tomatoes and then proceed. Coming to second question, baking powder and soda are different no matter in what country they sell. Here is link to understand the chemistry

      1. Ron

         Hi Mullai Akka,

          Thanks a lot.Vl try this paneer butter masala soon and post u the result.

        Akka , can u post us the recipe for panang curry (vege version).

        Thanks in advance



  13. RajiSenthil

    Hi Mullai, I hosted a party yesterday and followed your recipes for Paneer Butter masala, Sweet corn chicken soup, Khuska biryani and Pachai pattani masala. All of them tasted absolutely delicious. Infact this was the first time I tried these items.Got excellent feedback from friends.Thanks a lot for posting great recipes.-Raji

  14. vrushali.sameer

    hi mullai this is VRUSHALI
    I tried this recipe .it’s Awasome!!! really This recipe is mouth watering!!!!!!my father-in-law never go restarant for the dinner….he don’t like food ……when i preaper this recipe…he like it..Thank to u !!!!!!!!b’coz of u I Impress ed to my F-I-L….

  15. KrithiSrini

    Hi Mullai

    I tried this on saturday for my few guests. you know the highlight of the dinner was “paneer butter masala”. Came out very well. thanks a lot for a wonderful recipe

  16. divya mubarak

    i have tried this recipe with the pavbhaji masala which is available in ready made…will try this recipe..looks mouth watering..panner is my favorite…thanks mullai..

  17. mrudu

    Hi Mullai,

    I am a beginner cook and tried this recipe yesterday for dinner. It was delicious.And even I tried your gobi manchurian last week it turned out good.

    Thanks for your recipes and have a great time.

  18. Vinod

    Hi Thanks for the recipe. I cooked it today and invited many of my friends home. They really loved it and I think this is the best food I have ever cooked.

    The dish turned out yummy. Thanks again

  19. jeyalakshmi

    Mullai, tried this for the first time yesterday for our guest, it was awesome. lot of work but it was totally worth. I got the restaurant feel & taste. paathu panrathukae neriya velai, I can imagine your hard work for trying out lot of combinations and coming up with the final ingredients. You are really doing a wonderful job! Thanks a lot.

  20. Yogeeta


    I just wanted a good recipe for paneer butter masala and i happened to see it here. I will try & let u know how it turned out.I just wanted to share a small piece of info regarding Honey, one should never heat honey…As it is mentioned in the recipe to add honey and then simmer for 3 min I just feel the other alternative of sugar would be better.No offense intended.

    1. Mullai


      Thanks for coming with an alternative solution, but for your kind info.. honey is always better than sugar and simmering will not affect it anyway. Honey when heated beyond a certain temperature, makes it crystalize and its perfectly fine to simmer for few minutes. Thanks again for coming with a feedback. Appreciate if you register.

  21. pri12

    Hi Mullai, I jus happen to visit your site last week.I was awed by the presentation of your recipes. tried this recipe few days back..but today only i got a chance to register.I should say that this recipe rocks!!!!my husband is not too fond of paneer but this recipe proved otherwise :-).I didnt have 6 tomatoes but tried with 3 hoping i wont get the correct amount of gravy.But amazing everything came out good.Thanks for sharing. Regards, Priya.

  22. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Mullai..

    Had prepared paneer butter masala yesterday..It was tooooooooooooo good,awesome,delicious!!!!Exactly the same taste as what we normally get in restaurants..We all enjoyed the dish and had an very heavy dinner too!!!


    Radha Arvindh 

  23. Anonymous

    This recipe is just too good. I made a few changes to the recipe though…I used olive oil (Extra light) instead of butter..and instead of milk I added 4 tsps of heavy cream….and inspite of all the changes the dish was very very tasty. Truly restaurant style…

    This is my Paneer ‘OO’ Masala 🙂

  24. vaidehi

    Hi Mullai,

    I have tried this recipe and it tasted so delicious same with restaurant flavour. Please post me another punjabi recipe…. if possible share your fav recipes too…

  25. Sharm

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried the butter paneer recipe and it was awesome. The best ever recipe I have come across. We all loved it. The downside is now no one will wanna go out to eat this dish. They will all want me to make it. This is the restraunt taste…… I have been searching for this recipe for so long. Thanks a lot. And keep up the excellent work. I have tried several other recipies of yours. You are GOOD without a doubt!!!! I love your pictures your comments the details….everything is great!

    Nice Job…Keep them coming. Please post more restraunt style dishes like this.

    1. Mullai


      Thanks so much, glad you all enjoyed my recipe. There are quite a few restaurant style dishes to try from, explore them and surprise your family with tasty treats. I'd try my best to come up with more"restaurant menus".

      Thank again,


  26. smogu1982

    dear mullai………
    i tried this receipe yesterday……… wonderful dish……. thk u mullai can you send hw to prepare gobi manchurian gravy and naan.


  27. RamyaM

    hai mullai,
    i tried ths was very very delicious.we gave a feast to our friends to celebrate my hubby’s b’day.i prepared chickn chettinad,briyani,paneer butter msala,chilli parota and badam halwa.all are ur recipes.came out superb……all credits to u mullai.thanx a lot.u’r doing an excellent job.keep going.

  28. solai

    Wow wonderful taste Mullai.While I was going through your recipes yesterday,My daughter saw this snap and wanted it today itself.Though raining my husband got me Paneer and butter.It has turned out very good.Thankyou Mullai for this excellent recipe

  29. mercyusha

    Hi Mullai,

    I prepared this a week back and it was really delicious. Will panneer melts when we fry it? Because it happens in my case.


  30. shanu

    Hi Mullai di,

    This dish looks verrrrry delicious….could you please tell me how many cups of tomato puree would be needed in this recipe? The ingredients say 6 no of tomatoes.

    I am waiting for your reply Mullai di as i am half way through it.

  31. vaidehi

    Hi Mullai,

    I have tried this recipe and it tasted so delicious same with restaurant flavour. Please post me another punjabi recipe…. if possible share your fav recipes too…

  32. Seeth

    Hi Mullai,

    I have tried this recipe and it tasted so delicious same with restaurant flavour. Please post recipe for dalmakhani


  33. shanu

    Hi Mullai di!

    This recipe is really mouth watering. I want to try this but i don’t have coriander seeds and i will have to wait till i go to indian store to get it…couldn’t find in walmart 🙁 they say they have never heard of it..

    Can i try this recipe without coriander seeds? will it be of same taste?

  34. namratha

    hey mullai,tried out this recipe and it came out really good…..try posting such recipes….thanks for sharing it with us….

  35. priyaS

    Hi Mullai – This is PriyaS from Canada.Ur recipes are Simply Superbbb . Paneer Butter masala came out very good . My family loved it . Keep up the fantastic work ..

    1. Mullai

      Hello Priya,

       Welcome to my site. Thankyou so much for your appreciation. Its been a while, since I posted any, had been busy with other stuff, hopefully by next week will start posting new recipes. Check out the member category recipes, they are wonderful too. Keep us posted with your comments, if possible share your fav recipes too.

  36. hemeetha

    Hi Mullai, thanks for the wonderful recipe.. I just made it, and I love it.. Please keep posting with delicious recipes. Thanks.

    1. Mullai


       Sour cream won't suit this recipe, instead use half & half cream. Actually its not a must that you should use fresh cream, as you are already adding enough milk… to make it rich.

    1. Mullai


       This recipe should easily serve 3 to 4 people. Well again it depends on how much each person consumes. If they are really good eaters then assume 2.

  37. sdonthy

    Hi Mullai, I think your site is the best one to learn cooking. In the paneer butter masala which onions you use? Is it vidalia or sweet onions ? or other kind? Regarding tomatoes is it Beef steak one or romaine one? Please clarify my doubts. Thanks

    1. Mullai

      Hi Donthy,

      Use white or yellow onions, bcos red onions are too strong, we need mild sweet onions for this dish. Now for the tomatoes use medium size ripe roma or go with canned whole tomatoes which are easier, bcos they are already blanched. Thanks for visiting my web page.

  38. Diwakar

    Hi mullai,
    I was looking for paneer butter masala taste , which i like in punjabi restuarent.But never ever achieve that taste .

    can you help in recognizing the contents .The fragrance is simmilar for dal makahni , paneer butter masala…

    i have tried all ingradients except kasoori methi ..
    can you help in finding the same.

    1. Mullai


      Have you tried this recipe? I cannot guarantee the same taste, but at least close enough. Some use fresh fenugreek leaves instead of dry kastoori methi, I haven't tried with fresh leaves, so will let you know then, or will update my recipe. Dry Fenugreek leaves called Kastoori Methi is available in all supermarkets, like Nilgris, vitan, Food World and even ordinary grocery shops sell them in packets. Check your local stores, might cost you around Rs. 20 per box.

  39. PriyaManjunath

    Hi i tried this recipe..its bit time consuming but came out very well.. it was restuarent taste. And one small correction in the instructions- point 4 which says table 4 instead of table 3. Thanks a lot Mullai.. Keep up the good work

  40. vidhya

    hi mullai, this is vidhya. u r doing a great job. this site is very useful. i tried paneer butter masala. its simply superb. being a starter, all the recipes r very helpful to me. ur way of presentation is good and also clear. thanx a lot. continue with ur wonderful work forever.

  41. Subashini

    Hi Mullai, Thank you very much for posting this recipe. I was so delighted to see this recipe and wanted to try it right away. It came out really good (even though i did not have some of the ingredients mentioned in the recipe). I have a few questions though. 1. Where can we get kasturi methi? 2. There was a little bit of the coriander seeds' smell at the end. what can we do to avoid that? Could you pls. tell me where I could have gone wrong? 3. How do you mince onions — do you use blender? When i use the blender, it releases lot of water and takes a lot of time to fry. Is that the way it has to be done or is there a better way? Thanx once again for the recipe, Subashini

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