Malaysian Roti Canai Recipe – Roti Cane – Roti Prata

Written by Mullai

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  1. gems7882

    Hi Mullai
    I have been a member of ur site for a long time… but never made anything from it yet. will be trying now. I would like to know what I can substitute egg with here. My hubby doesnt prefer egg… So I want to make this without egg… Please advice. Thanks and regards

  2. prathibaananth

    prathibaananth I like your site and i like to learn Indian food and new food. thanks this site is rocking. keep it up.

  3. mahgabin

    I like your site and i like to learn Indian food.
    But unfortunately i cant see the picture of how to make food.
    on the pictures write LOGIN TO SEE THE PICTURE and REGISTER FREE.
    I register but i can’t see the pictures.
    Please help me .

  4. padmababu

    I made this dought and i flattend it in the ordinary poratha making process..thts y i think when i made the long rope like stucture it broke like in the video urs dint break….Anyways the recipe was really nice thank you.

  5. mercyusha

    Hi Mullai,
    Did this today along with paneer butter masala, both came out well. My hubby enjoyed this paratha and appreciated me, all praises goes to you Mullai. You are doing such a fantastic job!! ThanQ.



    this receipe is similar to ordinary parotta we have to add egg.
    I want to know that we have to add both yellow and white part of the egg.

  7. Manoo

    Again superb pics… Kalakerenga….. I have seen them folding from all four sides after stretching the dough as much as possible. Then make it into circular shape. In Singapore we get nice circular shape roti cannai. But, here we get a kindda square shape at shops :):):)

    For the egg roti cannai they pour egg on the stretched roti & fold from all four sides… Anyways nice presentation as usual.

    There are few kindda roti cannai. You can post them too mam.

    Sardine Roti Cannai: They beat Sardine with egg and spread on the stretched roti, fold it from all sides, press well & toast it.

    Banana Roti Cannai: They cut banana into 1/2 cm thick circular pieces, add sugar – margarine – banana on the stretched roti, fold it from all sides, press well & toast it.

    Meat (Thick curry) also can be beaten with egg & used to make Roti cannai as Sardine Roti Cannai. It tastes like Murtabak Chicken here. Can check this link for pic!!!

    I dont know whats different in singapore – roti cannai. It tastes awesome… :):):)

    1. Mullai


      Singapore roti prata actually taste similar to your ceylon parotta with minced meat. Usually for ceylon parotta, its first dipped in egg mixuture and fried and then topped with minced meat. In Singaporian style they pour the egg mixture inside the parotta, stuff with meat, folded like a square and then its toasted. Texture and taste varies depending on what they add. BTW, not a big fan of Sardines.. so suggest you to go ahead and try keeping this recipe as a base. All you need is a clue and you have it!! use your imagination and alter to suit your taste.



  8. jlakshmi


    Pictures looks yummy and instructions are very good, not sure if amateurs like me try this and get the same result. Anyway I will give a try and see ( As a backup I will keep Chappathi flour) in case I mess up to make up the meal.

    Jaya Lakshmi

    1. jlakshmi


      I have decided to make this for dinner, my dough is ready and is in the 2 hr waiting period. My Paneer butter masala ( exactly same as your recipe) turned out to be YUMMY !!!, Just hoping that this roti will come perfectly. Even if i don;t get a perfect shape, I think i will make it.


      Thank you.




  9. uma Gandhi

    Hi Mullai
    One of my friends from Malaysia was asking for this dish for a long time. Good that you have posted it now.
    Do you happen to know the recipe for Sweet Idly. IT is a karnataka dish i think. IT has rice flour and seasoned with cashews. If you know the recipe can you please post it.


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