HOTEL KURMA – Restaurant Style Mixed Vegetable Kurma


Kurma has many versions.. but we always drool over the hotelish style veg kurmas, normally served with chapati, idiyappam or parotta. Whats makes it so different from home style preparation??? We do see a lot of familiar veggies like carrot, beans, potato and peas or cauliflower, which we use for our kurmas, but still cannot match the taste. Well..,one secret is they include some unique veggies like knol kul, chow chow, bottle gourd, squash or yam in smaller quantity, which adds extra tons of flavour. The other part is, the use of cream and yogurt for thickening. I’ve tried my best to bring up the level to restaurant style, so, friends.. pls try the tricks and pass your valuable comments. Is this close enough to Saravana Bhavan?????

Hotel Style Mixed Vegetable Kurma / Restaurant Style Kurma / Hotel Korma / Parotta Kurma / Chapati Kurma / Idiyappan Kurma / Veg Salna Kurma / Chalna / Fast food Style / Kaiyendhi Bhavan Style Kurma / Quorma / Qorma / Hotel Saravana Bhavan Chapati Kurma Recipe


½ cup Fresh grated coconut
2 nos Cashews
2 tsp Poppy seeds
2 tsp Split roasted gram/pottukadalai
1 no Green chili
2 nos Cloves (karambu)
2 nos Cinnamon stick (very small)
1 no Cardamom
2 nos Onion (finely chopped)
3 nos Green chili (slit open )
½ tsp Ginger garlic paste
2 cup Mixed vegetables
2 tbsp Yogurt/curd
¼ cup Milk
2 tsp Coriander /dhania powder
2 tsp Salt (or to taste)
2 nos Bay leaf
2 nos Black stone flower (optional)
¼ tsp Cumin seed
¼ tsp Fennel seeds
8 nos Curry leaves
4 stks Coriander leaves (chopped for garnishing)
3 tsp Oil
1 tsp Ghee




Paste : Using ingredients from Table -1 (Coconut + Cinnamon + Cloves + Cardamom + Green chili + Cashew + Poppy Seeds + Split roasted gram) grind to fine paste adding little water.



Choice of Mixed vegetables: Include your usual carrot, beans, peas and potato. Also include my selection (20 mini cube cuts) from Chow Chow and Bottle gourd. (Try with pumpkin or any squash or yam). Cube the veggies in the same size to give an even look.

Kurma preparation: In a pan, heat oil and ghee. Toast the bay leaf along with curry leaves, black stone flower, cumin and fennel seeds. Add the finely chopped onions, green chilies and fry till golden and crispy. Add the ginger garlic paste and fry for few seconds to take away the raw smell. Now add the cubed veggies, coriander powder and 1 cup of water. Cover and let cook over medium flame for 6 to 7 minutes or until they are cooked through fully. (Alternate way to cook this is would be in the pressure cooker, just for 1 whistle) When done add yogurt (diluted or beaten with little water to avoid curdling) ground paste and salt. Bring it one boil and simmer, slowly add milk and stir, garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with parotta or idiyappam.





Absolutely no tomatoes, red chili powder and turmeric in this kurma. It derives sourness and tanginess from yogurt. Turmeric is optional when included adds colour. Spice level is adjusted with green chilies.

Chapati Kurma or parotta kurma : Include pinch turmeric and little chili powder for colour. (optional)

Idiyappam Kurma: This has to be pale white and no turmeric or chili powder.

Yield: Serve 4 adults approx. Adjust consistency with water or little coconut milk.

Source: Learned from a cook who does catering for marriages.

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58 comments to HOTEL KURMA – Restaurant Style Mixed Vegetable Kurma

  • vaishnavi

    Hello Madam,
    I tried this out y’day evening with the exception of poppy seeds with extra cashews and it tured out amazing. Everyone at home were drooling over it and everyone wanted the left over kurma in the morning. Thanks much for the wonderful recipe with perfect measurements.

  • Hi mam,i tried this yesterday with chapati it came out very well mam thank you so much……. not only this i tried many of your recipes it was yummy…. this is one of my favorite site……thank you so much mam……

  • Jyothi

    Today tried this recipe and it turned out well.had been searching for this recipe since many years.Its awesome.Thanks a lot

  • sumi jomy

    hello, i just wanted to know what can i substitute for poppy seeds

    • Sumi, poppy seeds are available at all Indian grocery stores and they are sold as Khu-khus. It gives good creamy texture and shiny look for the kurma, if you can’t find then add couple of extra cashews. Thanks.

  • Rob

    Very similar to saravana bhavan taste, Enjoyed eating with chapatti. Very good recipe.

  • raj

    I tried lot of your recipes. everything turned very good. I like to know from where we will get black stone flower in US.

  • I like your potatoes Kurma, it was so good. I will still see more on you other recipes. it great. i love Indian style cooking.

  • Ananth

    Wow, It came exactly as mentioned here. Room mates got surprised.

    I am new comer to this site. Continue the good job.

    Ananth Kalaiannan,

  • archana2205

    The kurma was excellent! Just like what they serve in hotels – can say it was better.

  • jthaen

    Hai mullai,
    All your recipes are superb hit at my home.hotel kurma was very tasty.

  • jthaen

    Hai mullai,
    Ur recipe came out very well.I got good appreciation from my motherinlaw.thanks to u:-)

  • santhij

    hi mullai,
    you mentioned about 1/4 cup milk. Is it coconut milk or dairy milk? Pls let me know.


  • Anithasam

    Anitha Sam

    Thanks Mullai for the recipe. I had always wanted to make kurma in the taste that comes in the hotel. Was very glad when I found the recipe in this website & it came out very very yummy. Your recipes are so dependable as usual.

  • Sureka

    No wonder why this recipe has got so many good reviews. I tried this yesterday for dinner and the taste was exquisite. I am so glad to be a member of this site. This one hits my favorites list.

  • rajamani

    today i tried hotel kurma but ommitted poppy seeds as could not find it..excellent..tasted the same as hotel kurma ..even my husband said it tasted like hotel kurma…kudos to u mullai..tom i am goin to try your chicken briyani..will tell u how it went..

    thanks once again..


  • rafer79

    its really good and fantastic .

    thanks for your recipe.

  • Sentil

    Wow Mullai, you recipies are simply great.

    Today tried out your hotel kurma, and it turned out great. Many years before, I did tried this from Ananda Vikatan Diwali menu speical, called as white kurma, but that had many process before final product.

    Thanks again!!!

  • Raghavan

    Awesome, exquisite and splendid recipe. We live in Pittsburgh and going to HSB is out of question for now at least. Right from the first morsel, it did two things. (1) Re-kindled the yearning of South Indian food / HSB and (2) we actually think this kurma replaced / we forgot the real taste of HSB kurma.

    Heartfelt thanks,

  • Dhivyavarshini

    Amazing taste mullai..just now i prepared it has come out very well..thanks a lot

  • poorni.gopi

    Thanks for the post. This came out very well.

  • sudha.dilip

    Hi Mullai, I have tried this recipe at least 3-4 times and it was always a hit. It tastes very close to the white kurma we get in Saravana Bhavan. The only problem I have is , I never get that pure white colour. Can you guide me on that pls? I have used exactly the same recipe as mentioned above. Any guess on where I might have gone wrong ? Thanks Mullai.

  • ayirpp

    Tried 2day & it came out well.Thanks for the recipe.

  • anup

    hello mullai,
    i made it 2 days ago it was awesome.
    and also i made murukku it was excellent every one liked it very much.
    thank u
    keep rocking

  • mallika217

    Though I prepared according to my taste (without the special vegetables and milk), it turned out so yummy… Keep rocking!!!

  • vijikathir

    Hi Mullai..Super Tasty Veg Dish,

    This is my first recipe from spice india online. Me and my family really liked it. Thanks a lot for this super tasty recipe. Now I am going to try all your recipes.

  • rraj78

    I tried this when I invited a few guests for dinner…All loved it..

    Thanks!…Mullai for sharing…

  • reshatha

    wonderful receipe. thanks a lot. everyone at home loved it. please do keep posting new receipes.

  • Jyotsna

    This is definitely a wonderful dish. It deserves more than 10 star rating.


  • pinkee

    Hi i am very new to this site and i dont hv any personal site for i cudnt register can u pls help me how to register

  • nymahitha

    Superb recipe. The smell was so good. Romba Romba nalla irunthuthu. I am so happy to have found this site. Keep up the good work.

  • priyasudha

    Just had dinner with hotel no words to say..its really an exquise….really yummy..was extraordinary..chappathis ponna idam terla mullai..

  • bhuvanagdevi

    Again u have done it A super receipe !!!!
    Keep it up !!

  • mynievo

    manimozhi parthiban


    hai Mullai tried this yday with take away parrota….wow i have to say for sure it was stunning…the taste was yummy mullai….actually my hub has gone for business trip and Im home alone with my kid….had some tuff time in preparing this….do u know what???my kid ate 2.5 idlis with this kurma…yes Mullai believe me….she was keeping on asking me “give that give that”…i added less hot she liked it the most….thakz for it…and kisses from Sudhanthira too for making her stomach filled with 2.5 idlis..hihihihihihihi

  • shan

    Ma’am, done with hotel kurma…You beated the taste of Saravana Bhavan kurma…Your receipe is Fabulous. Excellent combination for Chappathi.

    Also expecting more like restaurant style Sambar, Kuttu especially Saravana Bhavan Sambar, heard from that chef they are preparing the special Sambar Podi and the proportion was always same.

    Thanx a lot for your receipe ma’am.

    Have a great day

  • Nithya

    I prepared yesterday for Parotta…Real Saravana Bhavan Kurma!!!

  • abhimuthu

    I tried your hotel kurma with mint laccha parotta yesterday for dinner. We had an appetizing and delectable meal. Super hit, will do this kurma often. So for members I would suggest to blindly follow the recipe to get the real authentic taste that I was able to relish.
    Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous recipe!

  • mynievo

    manimozhi parthiban


    hai mullai this is my first comment in this blog….. actually i have requeted this recipie in the request section and was suprised to get that soon…i dont know whether of coincidence…..but i will take it for granted it is for my request….:)- :) - :) -…will try this and get back to you.

  • priyasudha

    Wow so tempting..

  • divya mubarak

    mullai semaiya irrundhudhu as u said i added was really tasty….thanks a proud to be a member in SIO…divya

  • Nithya

    Wow Mullai,you would not beleive!!today my menu was Kurma for tonight's dinner.Am at work..and as usual logged in to see ur newest Surprise….. Thanks Mullai..I'll come back with the feedback tommorrow.For sure,its gonna be perfect as usual..:)

  • Sadhanaraveen

    very nice Mullai,,,,the pics are really very attractive..:)

    Sadhana Raveen

  • Ron

    Hi Mullai Akka,

    I waz bably searching for this..since i bought paratha….from stores..vl hav to try aking it…sooner
    Thanks for the recipe..I made capsicum rice 2day…wow !! it came out really well..and my hubby luvd it much..

    Iam glad that i hav found a vry best site with friendly instructions and good friends..:)

  • bhargavi

    hi mullai,
    It seems I am late…excellent presentaion..I will definitely try and let u know…and I am pretty much sure that it surely beats Saravana Bhavan…thankx a million!!!!!!

  • Lakshmi Mani

    Mullai just finished cooking this dish.Has come out well.Planning to have the kurma for dinner with Chapathi.Thanks for sharing.

  • kaviarun

    We are lucky members Mullai….

  • jlakshmi

    Hi Mullai

    I will surely try this .. Looks so yummy
    will let you know in couple days.


  • swathi


    hotel kurma looks amazing , i am going try with pumpkin today and let you know tomorrow how it turned out

  • abhimuthu

    Pleasing presentation to quench taste buds. Will try soon.

  • m.viji

    nice presentaion mullai,clay cups superba irukku..

  • jayamini

    wow a nice recipe to give a sure try

  • divya mubarak

    dear mullai, kurma supera irruku..with out tomatoes..super try…from now on will serve tis kurma….
    thanks a lot…

  • seema

    Wonderful presentation Mullai!!!!!

    Vaaai ooooruthu………..

    kandipa try panittu solren seriya…..

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