Mutton Kurma Recipe – Kari Kurma – Mutton Korma

Written by Mullai

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  1. Manisha

    Hi Mullai,

    Great Recipes!!! Just a clarification is the Java Pepper the same as Marathi Moggu or is it Pippali or something different altogether?
    The picture above appears to be Marathi Moggu whereas the Java Pepper on the internet shows pippali.

  2. geetha ramesh

    Can we prepare the aatu kal paya in same style, my hubby wants the paya in green colour or else any substitute fr that

    Please reply mam

  3. aparajita

    its, really yummy n tasty like what i imagined. thank u so much,Mullai. i went thru the instructions and made it. as suggested, with fried fish, believe me it was awesome. i loved it. going to visit your receipies again and again.

  4. Anja

    Mullai, I found in Manoo’s Soya meat curry how to prepare soy chunks, I will try this receipe with the same amount of soy chunks (1lb) Looking forward for the result 🙂

    1. Mullai


      Soak the chunks in hot water for 20 minutes. When they become soft, squeeze out the water and add them at the final stage. Do not pressure cook.

  5. Anja

    Dear Mullai, I want to try this dish with soy chunks instead mutton. Can u please tell me how much soy chunks I need and how to prepare, think I have to soak them in water for a while.

    Wish you a very happy pongal Mullai!

  6. Mona

    Hi Mullai I have cooked this mutton korma three times and the last time I made it I added ground cashewnut with coconut milk which came out fine as well. Excellent recipe – had it with parathas, rice and rice vermecelli (the closest I found to idiappam). Thank you for posting the recipe. Mona Cry

  7. anup

    hello mullai, I tried this is a very good combination with sapathi and was very tasty. i added 1tsp of coriander powder too. thanks a lot

  8. Candida


    I tried this but it came out really bland. I used coconut milk instead of fresh coconut, when i blended it with the poppy seeds etc it was more liquidish than thick, used almonds instead of cashew. It took 5 whistles and still the mutton had not cooked well. Was very watery. Had to keep it on the stove for 10 mins more with lid off, before i felt the mutton was decently cooked. Where did I go wrong?

  9. dgp

    I tried this and it was very good.Felt like having dinner in Muniyandi vilas!! Tried with kothu parotta,fried rice,chapathi and plain rice.Goes with every dish.Instead of cashews,I tried with almonds(light on fat and is good for high cholesterol persons).It was really tasty! DGP

  10. Visitor

    I tried this recepie and it was really excellent.

    Thanks a lot…

    Mullai can you post recepie for Chicken Kozhambu (traditional chettinadu or any chicken kuzhambu)


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