Chicken Kuzhambu (Muniyandi Vilas Style)


Madurai region in Tamilnadu is known for its popular Vilambu Naidus cooking style who mostly dominate that area. No one can deny drooling over those Madurai Sri Muniyandi Vilas traditional menus…. Naatu Kozhi kuzhambu, Varutha kari, Samba arisi biryani. These items are typical homestyle traditional touch non-veg curries and gravies, served at the vilas which mostly known as a local mess. All these items are prepared with homegrown poultry, fresh veggies, fresh ground masala, tempered with sesame oil and traditonal spices. Here is my version of one such Naidu style Naatu Kozhi Kuzhambu which we enjoyed with mutton biryani.

Naatu Kozhi Kuzhambu / Cornish Game Hen / Cornish Rock cornish Hen / Country Style Chicken Gravy / Madurai Sri Muniyandi Vilas style / Kulambu / Kolambu / Gravy / Restaurant Style

6 nos Dry red chili
2 tbsp Coriander seeds
1 tsp Raw rice
1 tsp Black pepper corns
1 tsp Cumin seeds
½ tsp Fennel seeds
1 tsp Poppy seeds
1 tsp Split roasted grams(pottukadalai)
1 no Cinnamon (1/2 ” stick)
2 nos Cloves
1 no Cardamon
1 tsp Dry coconut flakes
2 nos Onions (finely chopped)
1 no Tomato (chopped)
1 no Green chili (finely chopped)
4 clove Garlic (crushed)
1 inch Ginger (crushed)
1 no Cornish hen (or use 1 pound regular chicken)
½ tsp Turmeric powder
1 tbsp Fresh ground coconut paste (diluted with water)
2 no Bay leaf (small)
2 no Dry red chili (for tempering)
½ tsp Mustard seeds
4 tbsp Oil (sesame oil preferred)
1½ tsp Salt (or to taste)
2 stks Coriander leaves (chopped for garnishing)
10 nos Curry leaves


What are Rock Cornish Game Hen??? First of all its not a game bird but a typical chicken that is slaughtered at a young age and therefore they look smaller in size. Though the bird is called a "hen," it can be either male or female, the meat is less..but tender and taste good for gravy preparations. This is the closest to our typical home grown Naatu Kozhi (Country Chicken). Tyson is only brand I've seen so far which sells in small packs as shown. Sams club have these but looks little bigger when compared to local produce markets.

For Colour, flavour and gravy — I've used 2 red chilies as thats a lot for my taste, if you prefer extra spicy throw in a couple of chilies which also adds colour. Rice and Split roasted gram adds body to the dish, its literally thicken the gravy. Dry coconut or copra gives that oily flavour to the gravy. If using regular dessicated or fresh grated.. pls do dry fry them over the tawa till slightly browned. This releases that coconut oil in them and add tons of flavour. Fresh ground coconut at the last stage is added for consistency, adjust with water if you prefer thin gravy. Tempering dry red chili and mustard seeds in sesame oil adds traditional touch to the dish…its also ok to use regular oil.


Masala Powder : Dry roast all the ingredients from table-1 (Dry red chili + coriander seeds + raw rice + black pepper corns + cumin seeds + fennel seeds + poppy seeds + split roasted gram + cinnamon + cloves + cardamon + coconut flakes ) until slightly brown. Switch off and cool completely. Grind to powder and keep aside.

Kuzhambu : Heat sesame oil and toast bay leaf, curry leaves and splutter mustard. Now add chopped onions, green chilis, crushed ginger and garlic. Fry them for 5 minutes or until slightly browned. Now add the tomatoes and cook for a minute, add the cut chicken pieces, cover with a lid and cook further for 3 minutes. When the meat turns all white, add the turmeric powder, our ground masala powder and saute. Fry till the masala browns well, add salt and keep frying (definitely requires some scraping as the masala will be become very sticky at this point). Now add 1 cup of water and ground coconut paste, cover with lid, bring the flame to low. Let it simmer for another 5 to 8 minutes, the oil should separate as the kuzhambu boils. Garnish with coriander and finish the dish.

Traditionally served Seeraga samba arisi biryani , boiled egg and thayir pachadi or poured over stacked parottas.


Yields: 3 to 4 adult servings.

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51 comments to Chicken Kuzhambu (Muniyandi Vilas Style)

  • Viji

    Wow. really very nice

  • Pavithra

    Hi Mulai,

    Will this measurements is enough for half KG chicken? or should I double it?

    • Pavithra, if you are preparing for more than 4 & if its like the main side dish then you may have to double… orelse just use the same masala, add extra chili & Coriander powder along with few chicken pieces and adjust consistency with coconut paste/milk. (1 pound or 1/2 kg should be perfect for a family of 4)Thanks

  • chntamilan

    Tried this recipe today, It came out well and tastes yummy. Everyone liked it. Thanks Mullai.

  • Chandra Rajesh

    hello, i tried this chicken kuzhambu. It turned out awesome. Thanks a lot mullai mam

  • nice can you post more chicken receipies

  • Narmadha

    I made this chicken kolumbu today, and to tell you it came out so well. The taste is really superb.. My neighbors and my family enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  • Kalai Arasi

    Hi Mullai. Mind blowing recipes. Will try.

  • Rajini

    I did my under graduation in Erode where the original muniyandi vilas was started..And the place still stands as a food heaven in my memory.This recipe is an exact replica..Since my husband is a eggetarian I tried the same recipe with egg and potaotes ,turned out into a great dis.Thank you for the perfect recipe..

  • Gai3

    Looks so yummy..can’t wait to try them.. Would you have the recipe for the Seeraga samba arisi biryani? That looks delicious.

  • bumble

    Hi Mullai
    I made this dish.
    It was very good. Enjoyed it.
    Thank you for the nice recipe.

  • I tried this 2 times now, and it came super! Thanks a lot for the instructions, I enjoy cooking because of your website. My roommate was very impressed with when I cooked this.

  • Sam

    Hi, I take over the kitchen on the weekend (Sunday) as my family loves the change in the tastes. Not used to cooking with sesame oil and hence was a bit apprehensive. On a scale of 0 to 5 we have rated this @ 3.5. Coming from Tamil Nadu with roots from Madurai/Salem and away from India for the last 35 years your recipe sure brought back fond memories. Thanks. Sam

  • Senthilkumar

    I tried this yesterday, came out well, but the color of the gravy did not match the one shown here. It was dark brown. Any reason behind it, mullai?

    • Senthil,
      It depends, if you saute your masala for longer the color turns intense or dark brown. Tomato, turmeric, red chilies, coconut…all play a part. So adding little extra of these can also have effect on colour. Even mine doesn’t turn the same colour everytime, with few more trials you will learn to adjust the proportions to make it your way. Thanks.

  • Swathi

    Hi Mullai,
    Thanks for the recipe…it was super hit at my home…

  • Tamiln

    Thanks Mullai. Chicken kolambu came out very good. I did add more rice and pottu-kadalai as my wife likes kolambu to be like gravy. We tried it with Idly and it was tasty. Thanks.

  • Shuba

    absolutely loved your recipe..this is soo different from how I usually make chicken curries. came across your site when i searched for Chicken Kozhambu as my husband has been asking me to make it since long time! i used close to 2lbs of chicken and 2 cups of water for the same measurement and came out great. I usually dont follow the recipe measurements while making indian recipes but somehow your confident ‘ingredients table’ made me follow and it was awesome..will checkout your other recipes too!! thanks!

  • siva

    Thank you very much for this recipe.

  • suja

    Hi Mullai, Tried this recipe. Result was very good. Everyone enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing -Suja

  • Deepa

    Hi Mullai, I have referred to your recipes earlier. And I was looking for a standard version of Muniyandivilas recipe for a long time. I tried it on sunday and it was excellent. My husband and brother had a nice treat relishing this kuzhambu. Thanks for posting this recipe.


  • Nice photo.I am going to try this recipe today. while reading itself,i am eager to eat. Thanks for giving such a good recipe to us

  • jiapatel1703

    Hi Mullai…Superb receipes…I myself am so so fond of cooking…My mom too is a gr8 cook, and guess wat my mom exactly makes the same kinda chicken…wow!! I was just goin thru ur dishes to find sumthing unusual and came across this…a super hit with my family…We love u a lot…u gave us all da yummy dishes on…keep writing in!!

  • sini__gosh

    Mullai , chicken kulambu was very very tasty.My husband just loved it.He told that its just the same as in restaurants. Came thru ur site few days back and whatever am cooking daily , its only after checking out ur site.Thanks a lot ..

  • Harish Kumar

    My friend made this Kuzhambu….it was very very tasty… We all loved it… marked this reciepe for next time :)

  • kakisha

    Hi Mullai

    We had arranged for a “Men’s Potluck” on newyear eve. My husband tried this recipe and It was sooooooooooooo tasty and was a super hit. Tasted exactly the same as from restaurants. Many many thanks. Keep rocking.


  • kriti jayaram


    i tried this recipe and my husband told it was awesome (i m a pure veg… trying to cook NV with ur recipes)!!!!!!!!! i am so happy that i never even wanted to taste it to fix things as long as it resembled ur picture, i felt it should be fine.
    great one!!!!!!!!

  • Dhakshayani

    Dear Mullai,
    I tried this recipe yesterday and it really came out well and yummy. It tasted the same like the Muniyadi vilas chicken kuzhambhu back in India. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Visitor s

    wow awesome mouthwatering recipe
    plz keep posting like this recipes
    thank you soo much
    i’m so excited to prepare this dish

  • alspriya

    Hi Mullai,

    Could you please let me know whether all the ingredients to make the masala powder be added to the pan at the same time or should be added one after another in a specific order to prevent burning?


  • Aswini


    All your recepies are great. have tried many comes out great. Hats off to you!

  • nithyagopi123

    photos looks too good….mouth watering recipe…today i tried .it cameout very well…i thought that name only like that before preparing your dish…after prepared this dish… i am saying this is a actual muniyandivilas chicken kozhambu…thanks millai…..your name also good…

  • Thamizh

    Tried this recipe on sunday.. jus avoided coconut in the recipe all thro’ out as couple of my family members have BP n sugar.. so increased the split roasted gram to double the amount.. was wondering if the outcome would be fine or not due to the slight alteration i did.. it was splendid.. Thanks!!

  • umakarthik

    Thanks…Came out really good.

  • ayesha1

    Tried this & come out very good.

    Is sesame oil – Idhayam Gingely oil?


  • geetha ramesh

    Your dishes are very easy and super. u r using day day to using grocessaries, really very good and thanks for ur each and every receipe. whether all this receipes will be availale in the net always or anything will be deleted. kindly know me.

  • kamatchi murugan

    hi mullai, very good presentation I will try this recipe

  • bhuvi

    Very nice presentation


  • gowrijayaraj

    tempting presentation…I tried this recipe yesterday,it came out extremely well..
    thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe.

  • Nithya

    Hi Mullai,

          Nice receipe pick to be posted.

    Will try it soon.. 

  • vishnulavanya

    hi mullai,

    Nice presentation. I tried many of ur recipes all came out very good. what is sesame oil? can i use normal vegetable oil? i have another question. i have tried ur thai fried rice recipe can i use redcurry paste instead of roasted chilli paste?

  • venila

    chicken kozhambu looks delicious and tempting.Well presented.photolooks too good.

  • ayirpp

    What a beautiful presentation.going 2 try this tommorrow.
    thanks for the recipe.

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