Microwave Paal Kova

Written by Mullai

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  1. Monica Joseph

    Dear Madam,
    Love your yummy recipes and they are so easy to follow…
    My humble request…. Please add my email id for any future recipes…
    Thank you,
    Monica Joseph

  2. suma

    Great Recipe! Please let me know if there is a substitute for curd or if I can skip it as my hubby don’t eat curd. Thanks in advance for your response and keep up the great work!

  3. Sumi

    Hi, jus tried out the sweet. i think a total of 8 minutes would be enough to make the dish in the oven. The last two minutes turned the gova hard and it blackened..almost burnt. Prior to that it looked and tasted gud too.

    Will try the same again with less time. a very easy and tasty recipe though:)

    1. Priya

      It happened to me once so I always made this dish by avoiding the last 2 mins. But today, it didn’t burn. The only difference is….this time I followed the recipe as is. Usually, everytime when we take it out for stirring,I would not wait for a minute acc to receipe instructions. Also, I would add ghee n then mix it well n keep it in the microwave. This time, I waited for minute then mixed it. Added ghee on the top n kept it to continue cooking. Just follow the recipe as is n I’m sure it won’t run.


  4. Malar

    Hai Mullai,

    Iam new person.Just had a search for some sweets.fortunately i have seen ur paalkhova recipe and tried it.This is awesome.Could u please tell me how to do same paalkhova using plain khoa/Mava.Thanks in advance.

  5. Lakshmi Gopal

    Hi Mullai, I am new member. I enjoy trying out new recipes. From spiceindiaonline, so far i have tried, kadala curry, paal kova, hotel sambar everything came out very well. Only mint chutney became too hot though I used only one green chilli. I have added lemon juice to it, Nothing would fix it. Time being I stored the chutney in the freezer till I could find some solution. Could you hep? Thanks, Lakshmi

  6. Bakya

    Hi Mullai – I tried this palkova today.. It came out OK, but it became very hard – do you know what could be the reason?

    Thanks, Bakya

  7. Savitha

    Thanks Mullai mam. Tried this and it came out excellent! Love the way you have shown steps, its amazing… I have tried other ones like biryani masala… another awesome one. Thanks so much for your effort.

  8. bakula

    hi mullai,

    i was looking for simple and fast Diwali sweet recipe and when i found and same day bought condensed milk and tried it came so nice and i took it to my friends party ,they liked it and they thought it might have taken long time to make. so thank u for recipe.

  9. Raji

    Mullai mam……enna solredhu ungale …….vaarthaigal podhaadhu….u r simply superb.
    I tried this receipe for Diwali it was great hit.I added half can of evaporated milk during the process to cut down the sweet from the condensed milk a little bit.it took a little more time but came out really good.
    While making this sweet I got an idea of using this for paal puri…….
    Thank u so much for ur ideas.

  10. abikrish2k8

    i tried it & it came perfect.Tasted exactly like aavin palkova(look as well as the taste)
    …everyone loved it. Thanks Mullai

  11. minu

    What a wonderful recipe!!!just now tried my paal kova acc to ur measurements…and it turn out to be a perfect one.Thanks mullai and wish more dishes to come like this…

    1. Mullai

      Hubert, in that case you need to use evaporated milk. It depends on what the recipe calls for, if using sweetened khoya, then this is the recipe to follow minus the pistachios. But most of the desserts call for plain khoya (which is unsweetened), then follow the same steps but instead use evaporated milk (another name for unsweetened condensed milk). Thanks.

      1. hubert

        thank u so much mullai….u r the best when itcomes to blogging…i have been
        ur visitor from the year 2006 no one can beat ur cooking style and clarity
        I strongly believe u r the queen of all blogs ….coz I believe the food u cook will be heavenly…i have tried rasmalai,ompodi,vadacurry,salna,porotta..it always turned heavenly ..egg puff…


  12. Divya Marcus

    Hi, Am gona try this recipe today…will get back to u with the feedback…can u post some recipes for kids pls…thank u again..

    1. Mullai

      Hi Wes & Amy, thats nice of you guys to drop in a comment. It’s completely foolproof, delicious, and easy, you can never go wrong!! Goodluck!


  13. Cappuccino

    Mullai, tried and it cameout superb………Everyone liked it and was asking for recipe and i shared your website. Thanx a lot for the great and simple recipe.

  14. rekha

    Mullai mam asusual kalakal recipe,kalakal presentation and kalakal result….. tried it tasted like aavin palkova…thanks for the recipe….

  15. satya

    Hi Mullai, the same ingredients and preparation can i use stove to make kova. plz tell me if so how long i need to keep stiring

    1. Mullai

      Sathya, its possible but i’m not sure as to how long, haven’t tried that way. Microwave does this with high power and curdles milk at a faster pace. Stove top will take a long time I guess. Thanks.

  16. Vaishnavi

    Mullai madam,

    Yet another feather in your cap…Simple ingredients, easy steps, excellent presentation, mouth watering pictures…You rock again…Please keep going….

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