BADAM BURFI RECIPE – Almond Burfi recipe – Diwali Sweets

Written by Mullai

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  1. Sara

    I have tried ur badam burfi before it used to come out so well but this time the burfi doesn’t set … its in the same lumpy consistency inwhich state i poured it in a greased to convert it dry.. any suggestions.. I don’t want to eat like halwa… though it tastes so good

  2. Madhuprem

    Hi Mullai, a quick question. Can I substitute sugar with splenda in this recipe? I have gestational diabetes and want to eat sweets badly for diwali atleast. Please reply asap and also suggest a few other sweets that can be made with splenda

    1. Mullai

      There’s nothing wrong in using splenda it would still be the same measure but I’m really doubtful whether it would set like burfi. Sugar substitutes usually work well with halwas and kheer and sometimes mess up with burfis. Why don’t you try badam halwa instead? Thanks.

  3. priya

    hi mullai
    tried this recipe today.came out good but mine is still soft..not solidifying even after 3 hrs..but can make pieces i have to leave few more minutes on stove?


  4. sripriyaayyangar

    dear mullai,
    got motivated to make badamburfi after seeing your colourful(mouthwatering) images in your blog.i’ve soaked badams in the kitchen and sat to refer again for ekalavya,i too am trying to make it tonight. i’ll inform you how it turned to be.

  5. vidhyaplv

    Dear Mullai, I tried badam burfi just now, it came out very well and even on both sides. I always try recipes from sites.
    i did good start for the tamil new year.

  6. akijay

    Dear mullai,

    Burfi is superb.great presentation..My mom used to boil the badams for some time and cool it..the skin will peel of so easily…

  7. G.P

    What will happen if I use badam with the skin.I prefer always to take everything with skin on as much as possible.Thanks for your response.

  8. jlakshmi

    Dear Mullai

    Tried this just now.. Mouth watering .. came out so well. I could not flatten the top part well. So the pieces came out as bottom fine and top ..bit crumby.. taste wise excellent. Already I finished gobbling few small pieces in my mouth before really solidifying…


    1. Mullai

      Lakshmi, that's the problem grinding nuts at home, they never turn super fine. Adding milk is the only option. Even mine doesn't look perfect, they tend to solidify quickly and by the time you actually transfer everything (literally scraping the pot) the batter on the spatula and upper portion gets dried off. Always need an extra hand, anyways glad you like it. Now… something new is up on the admin corner, get ready to try the colourful Zunka. Thanks.

  9. Anuradha Ramprasad

    I was looking to try a new recipe for the spring break…and here I find this awesome presentation of making a burfi!
    Thanks much
    ~ Anu

  10. janmes

    Hi Mullai,
    I am one of your silent visiter who have registered now! would you mind posting recipe for gaju katli? My family loves it. tks and your site is simply superb.keep up this great job.

  11. Ron

    Hi Akka,

    Springku palagaram yellam prepare panna ready ayittaen..
    I tried your way../ murukku super.
    Nw my cravings have started for ur badam burfi !!
    Mouth waterng Akka. As far as badam concernd can we use those store bght (unsalted) dry roasted badam ?


    1. Mullai

      Ron, these are not roasted, I made them with raw skin on badams. Avoid salted anyways. Roasted might give a different taste.

  12. skaveetha

    Hi Mullai, Awesome presentation!!! Thanks so much for your step by step procedure with pictures & tips which really helps a lot

  13. shalinivenkatesh

    how i wish i could have some of those burfi’s and some kaaram and coffee to go along with it…. SKC anyone??? sweet kaaram coffee the perfect trio… lovely snapss..

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