Kadai Vegetables Recipe – How to make Kadai Vegetables – Kadai Vegetables Gravy

Kadai Vegetables

Written by Mullai

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  1. Nita

    OMG…. Came out awesome… Unbelievable…. Tasted exactly like restaurant… You rock Mullai.. Kalakreenga… Thanks a lot for this beautiful recipe…. Right now am cooking your chettinadu mushroom dish… Manamae thookalaa Irkutsk arduously irukarapavae….

  2. Jigna

    the recipe seems delicious…will be trying soon..I am a vegan..so can i substitute milk with soy milk for this recipe….instead of paneer i would be adding tofu..

  3. amusan

    i did it before 1 time.that time i put fenugreek leaves lot by mistake.but the taste just ok.
    but this time i put all the ingredients exactly.i got awasome taste.My husband said again again “it’s very tasty”.u did it very weeeelll.i use baby corn together the veggies.
    thanks mullai

  4. Nithya

    hi mullai, welcome back…..i don’t have fresh fenugreek leaves, i have dry ones, so can you please advise how much i should use if using the dry one for the same recipe?


    Hi Mullai ,

    It’s great to see you back in action. Love the recipe.Gonna try it this week. As usual your recipe description is detailed and step by step. I like the way you have designed the site. Looks fab.Was feeling handicapped without your site. I’m glad and relieved that you are back with interesting recipes. Wish you all success with your new and improved work. God bless you.

    Shirley Simpson

  6. Mullai

    Sou, basically cream refers to Heavy cream which has higher content of butterfat. Whipping cream has little less butterfat. If you are in US, then Half & Half would be prefect pick for the recipe, which is a combination of milk and cream. Its purely your decision, if you are very particular about fat content then just go with regular 2 % milk. Thanks.

  7. Krithiga Raja

    Hi Mullai,

    Thanks for recipe… I tried it just now, was really good. Tasted like “Mixed Veg Gravy” that we get in a restuarant here in bay area.

    1. Mullai

      Diyaa, dry kasuri methi can be substituted but you got to try with fresh leaves sometime.. they taste lot better with fresh leaves. Thanks.

  8. shaliniprabhu

    Dear Mullai,

    I love the medley of veggies and cream.Will definitely try soon.Can you please let me know what mixie are you using?

    1. Mullai


      Its the Preethi Mixie with 3 jar attachment. Comes inhandy for grinding small portions, its been 5 years now and still working fine. Thanks.

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