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  1. Saurabh

    Was getting desperate not finding this particular recipe online. Thank god I bookmarked this site. Ma’am, I hope this sums up this amazingly yummy recipe. Kadhai Mushroom masala recipe is present at many sites but your recipe is just wonderful in a different league of its own . My father, not a big fan of mushroom, after helping me cook this recipe even tried this at home and has started loving mushrooms now. Thank you a tonne.

    1. Mullai

      Saurabh, I’m so so happy to hear this on this special pooja day! Even my sis who hates mushroom gave it try and started a liking towards it after this recipe. Thank you so much for your lovely compliment!

    1. Mullai

      Hello Sumi,
      Of course you can. It will be like a paneer curry, adding one veggies that you like actually can increase the flavor and taste as paneer doesn’t have any flavor or taste as such so adding thing additional is going to improve a flavor a bit! Thanks for trying recipes from my site and hope you like all of them!

  2. Rani Sampath

    Hi Mullai Mam, its me Rani again. I have tasted mushroom curry in restaurants but I was bit reluctant to try them at home. With great courage i picked up a packet and as usual was browsing through this site and I i wanted to try this recipe. Trust me mam it was great in fact it was more tastier than the one I ate in restaurants. I used the exact measurements as you have mentioned and it was finger licking yummy. Thank you again Mullai mam. I shared this curry in office with my colleagues and I have directed them to your website as well 😀 (now they know how i cook well)

  3. shalu

    Tried this recipe last night and it was great! So so yummy. This is the first time posting, but I’ve tried many of your recipes and am definitely a fan! They are so well written and easy to follow wit tempting pics. Thank you!

  4. Asha

    Just tried this recipe. Tasted restaurant style. Just like you said! I substituted coconut cream and it tasted very good. This recipe is a keeper! Thanks!

  5. Mullai

    You may use Cauliflower / Green peas / Chicken / Mixed veggies / Shrimp / Boiled egg… there are many possibilities. This is like an all -purpose gravy but whatever you add make sure you include bell pepper. Hope this helps, thanks for visiting.

  6. Anu

    Hi Mullai, I am a huge huge fan of your recipes…your combination of spices is so unique and detailed…with this recipe, can I replace mushroom with something else?? Thank you and please keep adding recipes!!! They are a huge hit at my parties

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