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  1. anithashankar

    Tried exactly as per your recipe Mullai and the result was excellent, just in time for my kid's fav. paneer paratha.Thanks Mullai. Also wanted to add that , I didn't have any cheese cloth ,so I used two full sheets of bounty paper towel to wrap around the squeezed paneer and put it on a plate, under a heavy pan, in fridge for about an hour. The paper towel absorbed the remaining little whey from paneer and the paneer was firm and easily cut it in to cubes.

  2. AK

    Hi Mullai,
    I am a new member.I tried paneer as per your approach and it came out good. But i got a little lesser quantity than what I see on the picture above before cutting the paneer though I used the same measurement of milk you had specified.. Will that be because of the amount of lemon juice? Anyways, I am happy that I was finally able to achieve the paneer at home. I will keep trying for perfection. Also, I am planning to make Paneer Butter Masala today. Hope that comes good too. The pictures you post are a lot helpful in achieving step by step approach to every dish.Thank you very much and really appreciate your work.

  3. shan

    Dear Mullai, made paneer. Cameout well as shown in the picture. Thanx for teaching us how to make paneer at home…Ok my Rasagulla’s are in the gas…have to run

    1. Manoo

      Kavi Akkz, copy the link/ URL and paste first. Then high light the URL/link & click the "link" icon. it will shop a box. Paste the URL  at the first box and Click ok. Again click on the "link" and Paste it on the first box – click ok – its done….I figured out very recently only…Hope it helps..

      Take care

  4. kraechel

    Hi Mullai,

    Have prepared paneer now for several times using citric acid… got the best, firm, tasty and soft paneer…. today I made Rossogollas… came out delicious..


    1. Mullai

      I'm not really sure, but guess it would stink. Bcos, to make paneer, milk has to be boiled to the right stage and then curdled, anything before that stage could possibly stink. Anyways, not 100% sure and sorry for not being helpful.

  5. citra

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried this. It turned out firm paneer. Thanks a lot. I’m gonna make Rasmalai. Got an easy recipe. I have one more question. How long can we use the whey water if we refridgerate? So much whey water.

  6. vijayalakshmi Udaiappa

    the ingredient(Vanaspathi) that i mentioned it for mullu murrukku not for thattai,please reply me as soon as possible.

  7. vijayalakshmi Udaiappa

    hi Mullai,
    Hats off to ur recipes first. for the thattai recipes u include vanaspathi but its not available here in NH, can we substitute butter instead.please reply me soon,plan to start my diwali recipe today.


  8. kaviarun

    HI Mullai,
    ofcourse your paneer is good. if u don’t mind can i give some suggestion? instead of milk we can use half & half, it gives us lots of paneer & less whey water.And next ,lemon or vinegar gives smell.If u use citric acid only 3 pinches diluted with little water .it’ll change the milk immediately.we can buy it in indian store.
    ok mullai actullay i came here to see chicken biryani.i’m in hurry.see u later.bye.

  9. Citra

    Hi Mullai,

    I always expect this from you. The reason is I tried many times. I used a packaged lemon juice instead of fresh. But it’s not separating exactly. I know the whey should be transparent. But mine is kind of milks’s thickness. This means the curd does not separate fully. Am i right? Why does that happening?

    I used whole milk (Vitamin D). Anything rings?

    1. Mullai

      Citra, make sure the milk comes to a full boil and add the lemon juice immediately and stir, reduce the flame to low and stir for few minutes. Switch off and let it rest for another couple of minutes. This should work… to separate the curd from the whey. Adding the lemon juice before boiling might result in what you have mentioned. Full fat, full cream, whole milk with vitamin D should be fine.

      1. Visitor

        Thanks Mullai!

        May be. And I kept boiling after adding the lemon juice.

        Anyway I’ll try ur instrns and advice. Planning to make Rasmalai too.

  10. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Mullai..

    Wonderful explanation..Even people who don’t wish to cook might, love to give an attempt when such step wise explanations with photos r posted..U r a very good inspiration for the new comers.Keep up ur good work..


    Radha Arvindh 

    1. Mullai

      Dear Radha,

       Sorry for getting back this late, actually the server was down for more than 15 hours, and was helpless. Got restored this afternoon, and here we go again… with questions and comments… didn't get to peak into your new post, comments keep pilling with doubts, so got myself stuck with that. Anyways thanks for your appreciation… I'm totally flattered !!!

    2. Radha Arvindh

       Hi Mullai…

      Not a prob's at all..Frankly speaking I was glued towards my system checking out when would the server restart again b'se I was planning to post a recipe from yesterday but then couldn't.So the moment it started,I was totaly occupied..Mullai..take ur time ..b'se clearing public doubts is much more important than this..So next time even if u don't respond it's ok..I can very well understand ur situation..

      So carry on with ur busy schedule..



      Radha Arvindh 

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