CARROT KOLA URUNDAI RECIPE – Chettinad Carrot Kola Urundai – Carrot Vadai

Written by Mullai

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  1. sarakris19

    still u can make it healthier by making the balls flat and frying it hot tava with little oil… its called carrot vadai.. u can use cabbage also..

  2. Manoo

    Hi Mam,

    Yea that was cutlet, thats why asked for help 🙂 I will give a try. But Iam afraid abt time – I dint study anything for last few days – only worked on project. I forced myself to try this carrot urundai as we didnt eat properly for sometime – cafeteria closes at 9pm. We always forget it when we start working seriously & starved ….Thats why I didnt bother abt time & made it.

    Btw, I dont know whether you will believe it Mullai – We all were quite busy with car jack design. We were only sleeping an hour or two for last 10 days. But I checked spiceonline when having tea in the morning. Got a comment from my best friend tat I am mad when she got to know that Iam browsing our site. Iam your youngest reader I suppose. I always feel like I am with family when I check spiceonline – Sharing our recipes and stuff, Some giving replies for others doubts before your reply. Its like a family site. How can I miss it. I feel family warmth. Thanks to u mam..And Special thanks to Myths for a good start on forum. That led to get useful things like Dinning Etiduette.. 



    P.S:Passed up one project yesterday & again got one tat day itself.  It wont stop me visiting our family site But .

  3. Manoo

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried it & it really turned out well.Yell Thank you I have added some pepper and extra chilli. I was so eager to try so I didnt get time to ask you whether to use roasted rava or normal one for coating; thereby I used breadgrams – it turned out well as shown in the pic. But coating was quite difficult as it didnt stick well. finally this egg loving gal made it like cutlets dipped in egg before coating hmmm..

    I would like to make it without dipping those balls in egg. so how to coat it well to get more crispy balls.. As a big headed I tried to make it with beetroot. hehe SEMA FLOP…..moisture didnt evaporate at all so finally i had to make beetroot curry…Got ppl to eat watever we cook as we all seek for homemade stuff (bored to eat cafeteria food). So somehow my curry finished.

    Cheers Manoo

    P.S:-Moms can make their kids eat vegetables. I hate vegetables but started to eat when I tried our mam's wonderful recipes.

    1. Mullai


      Great….hmmmm..I think you made carrot cutlets. This is totally a different dish, use of rava (regular un-roasted) is optional, never go for breadcrumbs… bcos u need something like a glue to make them stick to. Maida mixed with little water makes a good glue to make breadcrumbs stick, but again that's not required for this recipe.

       1.  you should ground the pottukadalai little coarsely to make it crispy. 2. shape  them gently; meant loosely packing them together, needs to be a soft ball; thick hard ones will turn very rubbery. 3. deep fry them on low medium flame.

      You can also do the same thing with beetroot, well……..  for this you need to fry the veggie for a long time to get off the water content. No need to regret about flops, everyone including me learn by trial and error. Moreover you will end up learning new things, the innovative way. Thanks again for being such a great admirer of my website.

  4. vsekar

    Hi mullai…nice n different recipe…but i have a doubt…do u mean to say we can either use pottukadalai or channa dal ,is it?pls clarify.Thanx

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