Adai recipe – அடை தோசை


Written by Mullai

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  1. Newbie

    Hey thanks …
    didnt except a prompt response…but i guess, this is what separates this website from the others…
    good work…keep it going….

  2. Newbie

    Noobody answered the previous 2-3 questions….
    For how long can u store the ground batter?
    Kindly enlighten us….

  3. umav

    Hi Mullai,

    I would like to know whether this batter requires any fermentation and also how long can this batter be stored in the refrigerator?

    Your answer will be helpful.


  4. Riya

    hey thx suganswami,
    i hv heard that moong dhal is also 2 b added with the other dhal…
    Could someone help me out in this,if yes,then how much should i add…

    1. Suganswami

      You are welcome, Riya. I saw your question about 'pasi dhal' in a different page. It is nothing but moong dhal. You can checK the measurement there. But, moong dhal is optional for adai…

  5. Riya

    Hi mullai,
    your receipes r awesome….my fav passtime is browsing this site and trying out receipes,where i don’t hv 2 think whether it’ll come out good or not…coz all the dishes turn out amazingly good…Thanks very very much…I hv one doubt,wat is spilt red gram in kannada called and is bengal gram- kadale bele in kannada…i need them in kannada as i don’t know tamil or telugu….thx…I’m waiting for ur response…will try this receipe…

  6. Valli

    Hi Mullai,

    I have tried many of your recipes and all of them have come out very well. Thanks for posting such wonderful recipes. The site is very useful for beginners in cooking like me :).

    Could you post the recipe for sambar powder asI dont like the store bought ones.


    1. GayathriKarthik

      HIii mullai,
      today i m going to try ur adai. but can u pls tell me how u do the Milk payasam. i used to make it good but after long years gap i just tried but didnt come nice.
      pls tell me the recipie for payasam like kalyana payasam.[using rice n milk]
      n i need recipie for pakka andhra pesarat. will u pls post me if u find time.
      or any friends who read this comments pls let me know.
      Thanks in advance.
      Gayathri Karthik

    2. GayathriKarthik

      HIII friend
      here i m giving u the recipie for making sambar powder at home

      Channa dal-1/4cup
      coriander seeds-1and half cups
      Thuvar or harhar ki dal-1/4cup
      Methi-One n half Tspoon.
      mustard-1 tsp
      curry leaves-few
      turmeric-half spoon
      hing- a pinch
      redchillies-20 [ u better increase or reduce the amount of redchillies according to its quality of spicy]

      dry roast in kadai all the ingredients seperately till the flavour comes out from it.finally grind everything into nice powder n u can store in a air tight jar. note: after grinding the powder keep it for getting cool in room temperature after that only u have to store in jar.
      when u make sambar add this sambar powder [two spoon] for one cup dhal measurement. first u try n increase or decrese according to ur taste.

      now i m going to give u a instant sambar powder we call in tamil
      araichi vita sambar or hotel sambar

      it goes well with idli dosai n even with rice also,.

      Red chillies-4
      dhania – two tablespoons
      channa dhal-one table sps.
      jeera-one tsp
      curry leaves -few
      oil to fry this

      fry every ingredients together in little oil. n keep it aside let it cool then grind it add some water n grind into semi liquid
      consistency. if u wish u can add two tablespoons of grated coconut when u fry.

      instead sambar powder u just add this paste n make asusual how u make the samber.
      really superb tatse. try it n let me know.
      Gayathri Karthik

    1. Mullai

      Hello Mrs. Siva, thanks to you for taking efforts to try my recipes and above all that for your courtesy to write to me. I sincerely appreciate that. Regarding idli podi …. you will see it soon, don't wanna to promise anything at this moment, but for sure will consider your request. Please register and post it on the recipe request section, anyone with the recipe might share theirs with you.

    2. Gayathri

      Hiii Shiva
      here the recipe for IDLI PODI

      take equal measurement of Black gram dhal n Bengal gram [each dhal is around one big laddle or one cup]
      gooseberrry size Tamarind
      Ellu seeds— two table spoons
      plus hing a bit
      redchillies-6 or 7 [ if u need more spicy u can add some more chillies like to say 12 chillies]
      fry everything seperately in kadai with little oil
      n finally fry that tamarind. add salt make it cool then grind it coarsely let it cool for some time then u can store in airtight jar.

      when u need to have this powder u can add just gingelly oil into this powder n have it with dosa or idli or adai.

    1. gayathri karthik

      Hii Mrs Shiva i hope u might have seen my comments here. pls try it n let me know.i used to do the second method [wet grinding] while i dont have powder at home.

      all the best.

      Gayathri Karthik

  7. banu

    Your website is very interesting with mouthwatering pictures.
    In the preparation of Adai batter, addition of fenugreek seeds (1/2 tsp) gives good aroma, better taste and also helps to digest “protein rich” adai.

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