Aviyal Recipe – South Indian Aviyal – Kerala Style Avial Recipe

Written by Mullai

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  1. jlakshmi


    My second attempt.. Came out very well. Made with your y’day’s Keerai Kadainthu Kootu cum Kuzhambu.


    1. Mullai

      Thanks Lakshmi, keerai with avial… did it workout well?? this combination is new. Anyway good know about all ur successful attempts.

  2. Nithya Narayanan Vinod

    hi mullai,

    i don’t know if anybody has told this before… if putting curd i mean instead of tamarind, just put the curd in the mixie in which you grind the coconut and turn it just for a second so that the curd will get mixed well in the avial and will not curdle..do this separately after finishing the coconut part, not together with the coconut

  3. Deepa V Kumar

    hi ,

    does anybody know the kearla style avial.. every time I try it, it gets over cooked and watery…We like the dry one , the kind served for kerala Sadhyas…

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Deepa/.. For kerala style avial dont add curd to it. Instead add tamarind to give that sourness.  Grind the coconut, green chilli, cumin, some pearl onions in a course form without water(like the way we do thuvayal/ sammanthi).  One more thing .. after the avial(i mean veggies ) is  ¾th cooked just open the lid. So that the water will evaporate and u will get dry form..This will make lots of difference.  hOPE THIS HELPS YOU..VIJI

      1. Deepa V Kumar


        thanks viji, will keep this in mind when i make avial next time. between can the veggies be cooked in a pressure cooker ? my sis in law does that , but it never came rigt for me …


        1. Vijitha

          Hi Deepa, You can pressure cook the veggies but my mom used to not use the whistle when doing avial. Same like idli you have to pressure cook the avial. Hope this helps you…VIJI

  4. Visitor

    Hi mullai,

    This is 2nd time i tried ur avial. first it was in some wat green color i thought i made some mistakes.. sday also it was green color. but in ur pic it is white color. can u pls suggest me.


    1. Mullai

      It could look pale yellow if the turmeric is more, but green I'm not sure. What kind of chili do you use? try the small ones and reduce the turmeric, increase the curd if you prefer very white.

  5. DEEPu

    once u posted this immd i tried out mullai. it came out very well. Thanks a lot mullai. My mom told instead of curd we can use 2 or 3 pieces of raw mango.


  6. DEEPu

    wow mullai, Excellent. i will try this i will get back u with my FB. I love u mullai. u r giving very good recpies.Thanks a lot .


    1. Mullai


      I can understand your over whelming excitement, no hurry… try and get back to me tomorrow. Raw mango would be a good choice, seen some using tamarind pulp too. Anyways thanks for the tip.

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