Tomato Thokku(Andhra style)

Written by kaviarun


  1. Swetha Vamsi

    Hi Kaviarun,

    Thanks a Lot, my Husband is from AP I never cooked in AP style, 1st when I tried your recipe it came out awesome, my hubby loved it………..thanks lot once again

  2. RR

    I used rhubarb instead of tamarind, turned out very tasty. Tried with tamarind too but rhubarb is my choice going forward. Thanks for sharing

  3. Phani

    Hi Kavi,

    This dish is so fantastic, and simple to prepare. It tasted so good after I prepared with the exact measurements as mentioned by you.

    Thank you,

  4. Radha Arvindh

    Hey Kavi..After a very long time I landed up trying ur recent post as it was soooo mouth watering to look at and outcome was fantastic..just like what was shown in the pic..Very simple and an apt side dish for most of the tiffin items..loved it a lot..but i did reduce the spice level ;)as i felt it was toooooooooo much of spice :).Anyways ..great dish and appealing pic ..


    Radha Arvindh 

  5. malarchand

    kavi! I tried this… it came out so good… except that its too much garlic for me… nxt time will try with li'l less garlic… let us see how it come…

    1. kaviarun

      Thanks malar…. Do u really think it's too much garlic?….In this recipe we don't get much garlic smell or taste paa…..any way if u don't like, just reduce the amount of garlic & come back with ur feedback…thanks.

      1. malarchand

        Kavi! You are right… after 3, 4 days the garlic smell and the hotness minimized. I make that again… I think we are getting addicted to your recipe … 🙂

  6. Thilina.Sanchitha

    Thakkali thokku – In srilanka We call thakkali for tomatos is it same in india? or we have adopted it from indian languages….Anyway i gave this recipe to mu mom and she tried it was great…..Thanks a lot.

  7. shalinivenkatesh

    i really thnk my lucky stars…….. i have been looking for this recipe for so long. to make on fasting days without onion and garlic….. thnk u soooooo much.. can u do me another favour? pls can u also send me some of tht rice along with the thokku. Winkheheheheh

    1. kaviarun

      Jayamini, it's simple yaa….Take cooked hot rice, mash it well with little salt. Add curd and mix well without lumps. In pan heat oil add mustard and urad dhal, let it to splutter. Then add green chillies–2, curry leaves, asafoetida in low heat. Add this thalimbu with rice and mix well. Garnish with chopped cilantro and grated carrot(little).

      Optional ingredients: 1/2 tsp lemon juice(if u like sour taste),  chopped shallots, chopped mango, 1 red chilli.

      1/2 rice—1 cup curd gives u smoothy curd rice.


  8. Cappuccino

    Wow Kavi….semaya irukku…color superb. Picture inviting !!! Thayir satham looks attractive. Kavi gonna try soon…

    Have a great day

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