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  1. pethukani

    Nice recipe.

    Can i use all purpose flour instead of maida? Is there any substitute for mango powder? Under the ingredients-2 you have mentioned coriander seeds. Should we use that in this recipe?

    1. Mullai

      Lalikrish, you can freeze.. thats not a problem. See that you wrap them individually in a wax paper or parchment paper before storing. If free-zed together they will stick and while thawing, the dough will stick and rip the samosas and stuffing will come out. Try freezing a couple of them and fry after thawing. Test the taste and texture and then go for it. My advice, fresh  the better… bcos sometimes freezing may cause the dough absorb more oil.

  2. divya mubarak

    i used to try samosas with the samosa sheet which i get outside…now after seeing ur recipe wan to try it my self…sure will let u know …thank u mullai…

  3. namratha

    hey mullai,
    can we make samosa using spring roll sheet…..if so just explain how do we fold the sheet…..

    1. Mullai


      No harm in trying for a quick snack. But remember it will taste different, as its got egg in it. I guess spring roll sheets looks square shaped, so cut them into four small sqauares. Stuff each square with little masala and fold diagonally to make a triangle. Seal with water and deep fry. Hope this helps and thanks sooooo much for all your comments.

      1. namratha

        thanks alot the quick reply…..i am cleared with my doubt and will try it out soon…..keep posting such good recipes….

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