Pasta Gratin with vegetables


Hi all i learnt this recipe recently from one of my vegetarian freinds and found it to be really very tasty.Thought of sharing it wid u all.The recipe is called Pasta gratin.Gratin means "crusted." A dish that goes into the oven and comes out with a crusty top.To make a crust for a gratin, cheese, breadcrumbs, white sauce are used on different types of dishes.I have used Pizza cheese and white sauce with pasta and vegetables.Have alook at my recipe.I have adjusted things according to my taste and this is purely my way of making "Pasta Gratin"
2 cup Pasta[can be any variety]
Oregano leaves[as per need]
1 T Tomato ketchup[optional]
1 T Butter
1 Onion[finely chopped]
1 cup Frozen vegetables
Handfull of pizza cheese
1½ cup Milk
1 T Butter
1 T All purpose flour
Black pepper powder
Salt as per need


For White Sauce:

Melt butter add the flour and fry the flour for about a minute till u notice the change in colour of the flour.Now add the cold milk, followed by salt and pepper and keep mixing with a whisk without any lumps.When it boils, stir it and boil it for about 1 minute untill u get the normal tomato sauce consistency.[pls refer ing 2 for the measurement]

2.Cook the pasta in boiling water with one spoon of oil. Fish the pasta from the water once when pasta is soft and cooked.Dont leave it till it becomes mushy.Keep the cooked Pasta aside.

3.In a pan add olive oil or butter,add onions ,all the vegetables and stir fry them and allow the vegetables to cook with enough water and a pinch of salt.Once when the vegetables are cooked, leave it aside.

4.Now add the pasta , cooked vegetables and the white sauce together and mix carefully with oregano leaves. At this stage itself the pasta is ready to be served.

6.But just in order to make it rich in taste, add the pizza cheese just to cover the top of the pasta and leave it in oven till u find the cheese melted. This would just take about 5 minutes maximum.

Serve hot with ketchup or add  one table spoon of ketchup to the entire content and mix once.

Pasta Gratin with vegetables is ready to be relished.



1.Oil is added to the boiling water when cooking pasta just to avoid stickiness.

2.Pasta should be fished from boiling water and not to be drained.Draining method will make pasta more sticky. 

3.vegetables can be peas, corn, beans, carrot, brocolli.

4.The oven part can be skipped if u dont have an oven at home.You can just stop before adding the cheese and serve them if u dont want cheese or if u dont have an oven.U can just stop with step 4.

5.In case if have made lumps in white sauce, dont worry, just put in the blender and then u will find no lumps.

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