Milagu Rasam

Written by Mullai

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  1. sharu

    which rasam powder do u use? I use the MT Rasam powder but don’t like the taste of it… can u post a recipe for making rasam powders?

  2. eternal lotus

    excellent cold remedy. super easy to make. all it took was like 15 mins from prep to done. i love easy to make recipes. keep the good work.

  3. sSs

    Hi Mullai,

    This is the tastiest rasam !

    I made this rasam today by using pearl onions instead of garlic.
    It tasted fantastic. Just like how they make in the restaurants.
    A lil bit spicy though, but overall taste was just amazing!

    I keep trying a lot of your recipes and end up writing a comment
    for each of them 🙂

    All great dishes!

    Excellent combination of ingredients!


  4. Visitor

    This recipe is nice and simple.. Instead of grinding pepper corn, cumin seeds and garlic, I used powder & paste forms and it still worked fantastic… I had cold and nothing would’ve been a great meal… Thank you Mullai

  5. Sundar

    This Milagu Rasam tastes exactly like the one that my mother does. Thank you Spice India for giving us such a fantastic recipe..

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