Kids School Lunch Box 8 – Cheesy Veg Quesadillas

Kids School Lunch Box

Written by Mullai

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  1. Gayu

    Hi mullai,

    Which cheese should i use for these quesadillas. If i tend to use cheddar cheese, the quesadillas become hard after taking out from pan in a couple of minutes. Please let me know .


    1. Mullai

      Hello Gayu,
      As far as Quesadillas any mexican blend cheese will work. They do get little firm(similar to paneer) after sometime but definitely not hard. If you want them really melting then try Queso, these are avialble in small tins. But I would first try mozzarella or little cream cheese, see if your kids like them! Hope this helps and thanks for visiting my blog. If you make these, pls do click and share a pic on our facebook page or email me! Thanks.

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