Karuveppilai Chicken Fry – Karivepplilai Kozhi Varuval

Karuveppilai Chicken Fry

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. reshma

    hi I tried this today and posted the tried version giving ur blog due credit on the food forum in which i am a member of which is Khuch khatta kuch meetha aur khuch teekha.. Thanks for the wonderful recipe… and no am not a blogger :)and i hope many more will be inspired to check out your wonderful recipes:)

  2. sha

    Hi Mullai,
    I made this dish yesterday and it was very delicious, both my husband and I enjoy this very much. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  3. sophiaprasanna

    Ungala eppadi paratrathune theriyala Mullai….another superb recipe…..saptu parthitu, yen hubby ore pugazh,yennaku illa,ungaluku than…Thank you so very much 🙂


  4. jayanthimanickavel

    hai mullai,
    i have tried many recipes of yours and i have become your fan.
    last sunday i tried this recipe karuveppilai chicken and wow it was wonderful.
    this simple taste was what i was looking for and it was like village kozhi kuzambu.
    very nice and thanks for a traditional,tasty recipe

  5. jayanthi

    Hi Mullai…

    Tried this dish for my hubby yesterday… My husband showered all praises for me and licked the last bit of gravy out from the vessel….Thanks for helping me to make such wonderful chicken recipe…. I am a vegetarian …so dint taste it…but glad that I could make a nice dish for my husband…Thanks again…

  6. priyasudha

    mouth watering..mullai…am just visiting everyday to this site since one of my buddy talked about this site…cant believe so many dishes n very easy to do..thanks mullai..keep on posting

    1. Mullai


      Its still available except for certain States. Here in Michigan, checked a couple of stores and they all have it for the same old price. Call and check with your local store.

  7. kaviarun

    Hi Mullai, ystrday made this curry for lunch…it came very nice than i expected. Thanks a lot for this different recipe.

  8. janet p raj

    are you suggesting the number of stalks of curry leaves to be used or just count the numbers by each leaf, wanna try it tomorrow

  9. chamun

    hi mullai
    this dish came out v ery well
    wat a tasty dish-iv never tasted such good one earlier
    something different and really good
    all in my family liked it
    thank u somuch for posting such good dishes


  10. JLakshmi

    I tried this recipe, looks good, but I just got it bit watery, even though I did not add any water. May be from the ground masala and curd.

    the color also was not exactly teh same, but after adding the ground masala, it turned to be more green. Looks like may be good for Chappathi. Not sure where I messed up. But taste wise it’s good.

    1. Mullai


       Actually it should look dark green, my picture was not taken too close, thats the reason its looking brown. Moreover when you fry the masala little longer, there are chances that it might turn brown. If the consistency is too thin, then keep frying until it thickens. Thick gravy will suit for rice and thin gravy for paratha or chapati. Thanks for stopping by.


  11. sudha

    hahaha sure sollita pochu.

    mullai i live in Uk but american flag is displayed next to my name i tried setting the time zone but it dosent seem to work. can you help pls

    1. Mullai


      Actually we are working on some additional features for the site, thats why these discrepancies occur, but will check anyway. Thanks.

  12. sudha

    mullai i tried this recipe today and it came out fantastic.my husband loved it.

    nalla saptu sollrar ne nalla samaika aaramichute but gunda mattum ponena unna oneway ticket la india anupiduvenu. ippo yenna panrathu

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