Chilli Gobi – How to Make Chilli Gobi

Chilli Gobi

Written by Mullai

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  1. Radhika

    I tried this today and it came out so well. Believe me. Even the recipes from chef’s sites never turned out to be so good for me. It was just excellent.

    1. Mullai

      Ammu, dishes like these are totally meant to be fried and will not taste good if you skip that part. Oven roasting could be an healthy option but it will turn out be like any regular cauliflower fry. I have not tried oven version and have no answer at this point. Why don’t you try and let me know. Thanks.

  2. jthaen

    Hi mullai,
    I have tried many of ur dishes and all of them have turned to b superb hit at my home.But this one failed to be crispy.what should be the batter consistency?I added same amount u mentioned but I had to add water more.moreover thebatter was very was crisp when I fried but by the time I did the final step the crispiness vanished.need ur advise pls.I avoided msg and white does this affect thedish?Next time u prepare this can put pic of the batter also?

    1. Mullai

      Jthaen, these wont stay crispy for a long time. Once you deep fry those bhajis will remain crispy for few minutes. Cauliflower will tend to release water and that will make the outer covering slightly wet. Thats why this should be served rightaway…  The batter should be thick something like idli batter, it will be sticky as you are adding corn flour. Msg and vinegar are a must for any Indo-chinese dish and it does play a part when it comes to taste. So, it upto you. Thanks. 

  3. tictac

    Hello, i also had the same question as many other users, what can be used to substitute for ajunomoto? I dont have it handy and am also expecting, so i dont feel like using it.

    Can i use baking powder or soda oe Eno instead ?

  4. Anuvasan

    Hi Mullai,

    You are recipes, presenations everything is really really great… awesome!!! no words to express 🙂

    I am a big fan of ur site.. any new recipe.. I check your site first before cooking them… to get tht extra twist… 🙂

    OK, I have a doubt in this recipe.. can I use baking soda instead of ajinomotto.. is it all same?

    1. sholuanand

      Hi Mullai,

      Thought I put a small request to you; Can you insist people to 'try to avoid ajunomoto'

       I don't think it is healthy;



  5. shalinivenkatesh

    i didnt have gobhi so tried with potatoes and u have to taste them to see the result. An all time fav snack of my family now…..

    when i make them, everyone’s dieting thoughts are pushed to the trash bin and it gets gobbled up so soon.

    thnks to u for da dashing recipe…….

  6. abhimuthu

    I had guests yesterday and tried your chilli gobi for biriyani, it was a great hit. Taste was awesome, your measurements are perfect. Adding onions at last is a good tip for increasing the quantity. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mullai

      Abhi, romba nandri !! we had the same menu this weekend along with Paneer Masala. Tried ur rue formula for Paneer masala, actually add guests so was looking to increase the quantity of gravy and that was very helpful. Texture was creamy, literally doubled my gravy… thanks for sharing this wonderful tip. Let me also add this under my recipe.

  7. sleshar



    1. Mullai

      Sambal olek includes lime, salt and thick concentrated chilli paste. You can add 1/2 tsp and you will still have little tangy flavour. But if you have problem finding red chili sauce you can use this as substitute.

      1. anithasara

        Thanks for your reply. You said to toss the cauliflower with maida,cornflour…. without adding water how it comes batter form.whether it would be in powder form.

         I tried out this recipe.but i faced the problem tossing cauliflower with that i add some while frying some cauliflower was coated with flour and some please reply

        1. Mullai

          Blanched cauliflower usually have some water even after draining. Along with salt and sauce that should be sufficient to make a thick batter. But if you think its too dry, then adding few drops will fix it. Mixing part is in your hands, I usually toss till its well coated. Thanks.


    mullai it is same as of machurian i prepare machurian in this way
    i prepare chilly gobi
    egg white
    corn flour
    colour powder
    ginger garlic paste
    mix them along with boiled cauliflower florets and keep in fridge for i hr
    and deep fry

  9. mynievo

    manimozhi parthiban


    hai mullai..good recipie!!!!!!,,,,very temting,,,,,but i dint get chilli sauce …can u tell me an option for it!!!!!and at what stage should we add the vinegar???

  10. Sharmilla Saravana


    I want to make this………just a doubt. So the only difference between this & gobi manchurian is the tomato sauce correct??

    1. Mullai

      Hi Sharmi, there isn't much difference. Afterall all these dishes are named by restaurants to attract customers. Same preparation is also called as gobi manchurian, gobi 65 or whatever… In my recipe tomato sauce is the only item which is left, adding any sauce makes the same dish slightly wet, sweet and tangy which goes very well with chapati or paratha. Excluding sauce it will very dry and mostly good as a side or starter plus spicy too, hence the fancy name "Chilli Gobi".  Hope you got the point. Thanks!!

  11. jlakshmi


    Tried this just now, had only 1/2 cauliflower, so substituted the rest with brocoli. Added colorful Capsicums and fried Onions mixed in that Bhajji flour too. It was so good. Today is the last day at School and has invited couple kid’s mom ( my son’s friend’s mom ) for lunch , surely would be a nice item. I tried them now, tastes very good, same same ingredients and recipe instructions as yours…


    1. Mullai

      Broccoli ???? sounds interesting, Lakshmi ! Never thought of that idea before… ahaha my next attempt probably would be Chilli Broccoli !!! thoughtful and thanks for the tip. Enjoy your get together, yeah schools over, can't imagine the clean up work load. Thanks!!

  12. abhimuthu

    Chilli Gobi color and texture is cool. Feel like having it. In my house it wont even go to others, u know what I mean… 😉

  13. sworna

    Mullai,Just tried this recipe and we are enjoying it right now.taste nalla irukudhu.On mixing the batter I felt it very dry.The maida was just dissolving in the oil,then I adjusted with a little water.Since no tomatoe sauce is used I felt the tanginess missing.Mathapadi taste super!!

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