Gobi Manchurian (Dry)

Written by Mullai

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  1. Sharmila

    Hi i have a party tomo……. can i prepare the gravy in prior… or fry the cauliflowers earlier and adding gravy later..?? please reply me asap…

  2. Jyothi thiru

    I am using your recipes and they are turning out great.my husband is a tamilan and your recipes are life saver.keep up the good work and thank you.

  3. sowmya sandeep

    Hi mullai, i tried ur gobi machurian and it came out really well. finally i succeeded. am very new to cooking and was not succeding in my attempts. but this was a hit. my husband liked it very much.thanks a lot. Regards, Sowmya

  4. aishah

    Hi Mullai,

    Today i tried ur recipe for gobi manchurian(dry) and it came out very well. Myself and my husband liked it very much. Few days before we had gobi manchurian(dry) as starters in SARAVANA BHAVAN (Tamil Restaurant)and from then i wanted to taste that again. While doing google search i found ur website and wow it tasted same as saravana bhavan recipe.Thanks alot…
    Mullai one more help can u post the recipe of pongal. i do pongal with 1.25 -pacharisi and 0.75 payathamparuppu. with 6 tumblers of water in cooker. i want to taste the pongal as in SARAVANA BHAVAN RESTAURANT. can u help me?????

  5. deepa4sasi

    Hi Mullai,

    Whenever i fry the cauliflower, it is sticking to the pan. Am not sure whether i’m making anything wrong in the quantity of maida or corn flour. can u please clarify me on this sticking part. Please clarify me.


  6. nimmichat

    I just want to ask a simple question when i fry the cauliflower it is sticking into the pan can you please advice on this .

  7. prasanna guru

    hi mullai, i am new to this website, my friend told about your dishes. i tried this gobi twice, it came out very well. my husband likes very much, he is very crazy about your dishes. thank u

  8. Indian(pittsburgh)

    This is amazing and it came out perfect and our local restaraunt charges $12 for one plate. me and my wife found your recipie and tried it at home today. Wow….Perfect….
    Thanks much for sharing your recipie.

  9. ambikachnai

    hi mullai,
    how r u? on sunday i have tried ur gobi manchurion it came out very well. Thank you so much for sharing this nice and excellent recipe with ur clear explaination. Thanks a lot!!! Keep on rocking ur great recipes.

  10. BGK

    Gobi manchurian is not related to any Chinese dish. It was developed in Kerala many years ago by the cosmopolitan community around Kochi. From there it spread to rest of South India including Bombay. Only later did it touch Delhi, Kolkatta etc.
    It used to be called Cauliflower manchurian then it became Gobi-M. In Kerala Maida batter was used primarily. Now corn had been added. It is no way any Chinese dish is made.

  11. leenadevi

    Questions on the flour

    Hi Mullai, the Maida mentioned in this recipe is it wheat or tapioca flour? What is the difference between soy sauce and dark soy sauce? Is dark soy sauce the one thicker and a little sweeter type?

    – Leena

    1. Mullai

      Maida is bleached all-purpose flour..or simplay called plain white flour. There is no tapioca flour used here.. only white corn starch /flour is used for the batter. Soy sauce comes in different varieties, light soy is mild in flavour and colour, dark is just the opposite. You can pick once according to preference. Thanks.

  12. KrithiSrini


    Today only i just come across your blog. Very nice.Each recipe you have explained in detail so that there will not be any confusion while preparing. My son loves Gobi 65 crispy version. Could you please let me know the recipe that prepared in hotels
    Thanks a lot in advance

  13. Kanie

    Hi Mullai,

    This was absolutely amazing. I lived in Bangalore for 6 months while working 4 years ago and as a group, we practically lived on this stuff! I havn’t found a restraunt here in Glasgow which makes it and this recipe almost brought tears to my eyes!

    Thank you so much!




    it was awesome. it was very delicious, we tried it for first time and it was very delicious, as if we r sitting and eating in a restaurant.
    very nice recipe.

  15. jeyalakshmi

    Mullai, I tried to make a cauliflower 65 using the first ingredients list. It did not come out well. It was not crispy. I didnt get the color. I used all the ingredients mentioned though. btw, I was confused by the line “Make a fine paste ..”. Should we mix some water too? I did not add any water as it was not mentioned, so after mixing all the ingredients, it was dry. I added cauliflower and couldnt make it coated properly. I deep fried it but it was not crispy.

    nethu panna items’la this is not satisfactory. please let me know if you could guess what I might have done wrongly. thanks!

    1. Mullai

      There will be little water left after you steam the cauliflower (thanni vedum)plus you have soy and vinegar to make a paste. Few drops of water can be added if necessary. After frying it will stay crispy only for few minutes. Better luck next time.

  16. pallavipradeep

    nice recipe .i tried out .it came out well.but if u add a pinch of sugar to that Ingredients listed 2 it will taste much more better .thankyou

  17. Visitor

    thanks mullai didi,
    though m nt a regular cook
    i really found recipe easy n simple
    n my family couldnt believe that i had prepared it

    nw m keen to try more of yr dishes

    garima 🙂

  18. bakulesh

    I just found this recipe because somebody on YouTube has made a video showing how to cook this. I am a bit confused. You have listed two sets of ingredients. Am I correct in understanding that second set is for making sauce? If I am correct then why is there "2 cup Oil (for deep frying)" in second set also? I thought frying is done in step 1. Second step is for making sauce and you dont need 2 cup oil for frying there. Am I correct? Also I dont know why this is called "Dry". Does that mean there is a wet version of this curry? Does "Dry" mean we have to make sauce really really dry?

    1. Mullai


      There's nothing to get confused. Recipe clearly says (2 cups of oil for deep frying) and that too it seems to appear only in one category. The reason for adding it in second, is to have a separate category for marinade, as simple as that. The other portion is for sauteing the fried cauliflower florets. Wet and dry actually depends on how much sauce you make. The proportions given above will end up in very little gravy… just enough to coat the florets.. thats why the term " Dry". Please do not fry too long, as the coating on top of cauliflower will come off or open up making it too soggy. Fry to coat the sauce for few minutes. BTW, there's a gravy version too, where you make more sauce and add the florets. Hope this helps and good luck.

  19. Deepa V Kumar

    hi mullai, I tried this and it came out excellent..I also tried your fried rice which too was very good. Thank you for sharing your mouth watering recipies..

  20. Vinod Ramadurai

    great recipie. only suggestion was that it seemed to need a little bit more batter for 4 cups of cauliflower. apart from that it was spectacular. thanks for sharing this great recipie

    1. Mullai

      Vinod Rama, thanks for your feedback. Actually each cup will hold about 5 to 6 big florrets, so the above proportion should work. If you make the florrets very small, then the batter won't be sufficient. Anyhow, you can always make a fresh batch in no time.

  21. Visitor

    Hi mullai.. i tried this dish it came out with nice taste but its not cripsy.. i dont know where i did mistake can u give suggestion…

    1. Mullai

      Hi, only those deep fried bhajis will be crispy, that too only for a while. You cannot expect crispy texture after you mix with sauces. This is how the final dish should taste like…. sweet, sticky,  munchy with crunchier cauliflower.

  22. Mullai

    There isn’t much to write about gravy, just follow the same recipe, increase the sauce level and add cornstarch mixed with water to this and simmer. Actually gobi manchurian taste good when its semi-thick (thats the dry version). Too much gravy tends the cauliflower loose its crispyness and will taste blunt and soggy.

  23. shanu

    Hi Mullai di,

    I tried this recipe of manchurian yesterday for dinner and it came out really really well! My husband doesn’t like manchurian as such but when he had it yesterday he wanted me to pack it for today’s lunch too 🙂
    Thanks for such great recipes!!


  24. Citra

    Hi Mullai, I'm just new to your site. Recipies looks good. I'm gonna make this gobi manchurian for my daughter's b'day party. Thanks! I have a doubt in the ingredients? Is it tomoto ketchup or sauce?

    1. Mullai


      Its tomato ketchup, which is sweeter than tomato sauce. Moreover it has got vinegar in it, which the tomato sauce lacks. If you don't have ketchup use tomato sauce and few drops of vinegar. Good luck with your try and get back to me with the results.

      1. Gayathri Karthik

        Hii MUllai,
        h r u? first let me wish u n thank for ur great recipies in this pages.u have lot of fans over here including me.
        today only i happened to see ur pages. wow its really nice n i tried immediately Gobi manchurian. it came out very nice. but cauliflower drunk much oil while i fried.
        my husband fond of this dish. we r in north india. slowly learning north indian dishes. ur site is really helpful for me.
        i m good enough in our south indian food. but have to make me better in chinese n north indian dishes. i tried many times Chinese Fried rice but it never came like hotel. what is the water measurement for the rice. will u pls post that recipie?
        Unga parota Video parthen. Superb. i m going to try that tomorrow n will let u know. i m so happy to being part of in this blog with my other friends here.
        Thanks alot
        Gayathri Karthik

        1. Mullai


          Romba Nandri!!! Actually the batter should be little thick, orelse it would drink more oil, use less water next time. Chinese fried rice was already posted, use the search or check the International category. And for the tips on rice, check the comments under the fried rice category, that should help. Here, I cook mine in a rice cooker using 1/3/4 cup for every 1 cup rice, cool it and refridgerate and use the next day for good results. A day old rice suits well for fried rice dishes. Not really sure about cooking over stove top, bcos it depends on so many factors. One good choice would be cooking with lots of water and draining when its almost done (Veraiyaga Vadipathu).

          1. Gayathri

            Hiii Mullai
            Thanks for ur speedy reply. i ll try in next time. oru cup rice ku onne mukal water a? pls clear it.refridge with water or drained rice after soaking? i m using cooker n i have electric rice cooker too.u let me know the rice can we use our ponni boiled rice for fried rice any spl rice is there in market?
            deivame kanji vadichi samayal pannara kaalam ellam malayeri poidichu. i cant do that in hurry cooking. he has to leave in the morning eight o clock.
            waiting for ur reply mullai. [ when u r free]
            Gayathri karthik.

          2. Mullai

            Ok.. here is what you do

            1. Use good brand Basmati rice or Seeraga samba should work. Ponni won't be good.

            2. Do not soak for long time, 5 minutes is suffficient.

            3. If using a rice cooker , 1 cup rice : 1 3/4 cup water. Let it cook.

            4. When done, spread the cooked rice over a plate and let cool completely.

            5. Now refridgerate preferrably over night.

            6. Next day start making " The Fried Rice"

            Get back to me after trying.

      1. hemeetha

        Thank you very much!

        Since I am a vegetarian, I did not nitice that. I have understood I can get few inspirational tips from non-veg recipes too….


  25. jaya pai

    hi mullai,, what can i say,, your recipes are very tasty. The parota clip is really awesome.. i tried and it worked out 100%. i also tried many of your recipes,, and they are yummmooo. wow is all i have to say..thank you for taking time and sharing recipes with us..and also allowing viewers to share their recipes.. i have a request, you have missed the sambol recipe (shri Lankan) recipe.. it is something like coconut, red chillies and onions i think,,if you have time and if you come across this recipe, please share it.. bye for now.. keep it up

  26. radhika

    hi mullai my husband says cauliflower should be crispy.what to do for that.in restaurants it will be crispy.but the dish came out very well.my husband liked it very much.

  27. meg

    hey Mullai,

    I tried this recipe it tasted great, thanks for submitting various recepies of india on this site, this site is great. I loved the way you teach how to make parotha, will try soon…
    Can i try to make parotha with wheat flour??

  28. sagi

    hey mullai, i tried this recipe and it was really great.. Are these recipes are your own ? Are you learning from anybody? your postings with pictures make people easy to understand.. and it's add colour to the cooking corner.. thanks a lot.. madam mullai.

    1. Mullai


      The answer is simple and here is the fact, no body's born knowing everything, its the degree of necessity which pushes you to learn things at one point of time. Basically, interested in cooking so I collect magazine clippings, read cook books, learn from family and friends, browse a lot and try. Not all of it comes with perfect measurements and instruction, so, I make changes in quantity, measurements, include or exclude certain spices to suit my taste and then come up with a good recipe of my own.



  29. cookingmyths

    yoohoo…..i tried this and it was awesome though i changed few (very few) ingredients out of the list cos i didnt have them at home… but trust me.. it was yummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy… Again, Mullai my friend.. you are greeaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt… miss you much. Will come back soon to orkut (the place where i found ya)…

  30. vidhu

    hi mullai,

        Thanks for this recipe.I made it and it tasted wonderful.ur measurements are very comfortable. keep it up!!I have planned to try more of your recipes (atleast 3-4)for this long weekend,especially 'the starters' for evening time. let me mail you how it works out.

  31. shanu

    Hi Mullai di,
    This recipe is simply great!! thanks…please also share the recipe of manchurian with gravy…
    Thanks in advance,

  32. hemeetha

    Hello Mullai madam,
    I have tried several of your recipes and all came out fantastic with restaurant flavours! I just showed my husband the food cataloge (pictures of the food in this website).. He is salivating on seeing the picture! This web site had made me a great cook and created special interest in cooking.
    Thanks for posting best recipes with easy to follow instructions.
    Madam, can you please post the recipe for ‘rose milk’? I miss them here in U.S.A. Restaurants do not have the taste of what is found in India.
    Thanks again!
    Best wishes.

  33. hemeetha

    Hello Mullai madam,
    I have tried several of your recipes and all came out fantastic with restaurant flavours! I just showed my husband the food cataloge (pictures of the food in this website).. He is salivating on seeing the picture! This web site had made me a great cook and created special interest in cooking.
    Thanks for posting best recipes with easy to follow instructions.
    Madam, can you please post the recipe for ‘rose milk’? I miss them here in U.S.A. Restaurants do not have the taste of what is found in India.
    Thanks again!
    Best wishes.

  34. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Mullai.. It was my long time dream to make Gobi Manchurian.I should say "A dream come True".Somehow I never wished to give it a try but today when I went through the net I was so impressed by ur recepie,ur presentation,pictures and above all the comments posted by many of them.I decided to make it and it was a good outcome.. I am thrilled to try out few more recepies of urs..


    Radha Arvindh  

  35. Visitor

    Hi Mullai,

    Nice receipe.

    what should I do to reduce the oil consumption ?
    it seems to take more iol while frying…

  36. Nithya

    Hi Mullai,
    I made this manchurian..it was perfect…Hats Off to u….”Etho sathaarna cook’a irundha enna soooper cook akinathukku…”

    1. srini_vasan

      Hi Mullai,

      Ennga Vootullaaa try panninangaa entha receipe supera vanthuchuu ponga. ungalooada yella receipium top tucker.. ennooda favourite.. idly miligai podi.


  37. anks81

    Thaks 4 this wonderful recepie. Could we use black pepper in place of white pepper.
    And what if orange red food color is not available. Is there any replacemet for that also.I will appreciate your reply….

    1. Mullai

      Hi Anks,

      There is no point in substituting all the ingredients, in order to get the right taste you have to use the ingredients listed. You make these only once in a while, so a little colour, msg will not affect that much.  Black pepper is ok, cornflour is a must, little colour is a must.

  38. deepthi


    thank you for delicious recipe.

    i tried out manchurian. it came out very delicious.

    can u give me sugestions for rava dosai.


  39. Visitor

    Hey…This sounds like a good recipe. I will try it over this weekend.
    I jus wanted to know How many persons does ur posted recipe serve?
    I have a party this thursday so i wanted to c how to alter the measurement for 25 people.

  40. Flora

    Thank you Mullai.
    This recipe really works great for me.This goes well with sambar and white rice.or fried rice
    is this recipe works for chicken Manjurian? replacing chicken instead of cauliflower??

  41. ayodhya

    hey Mullai,

    I tried this receipe, it came out so tasty..
    Ur doing a really great job.
    I’m going to try some more receipes from ur site

  42. Jayshree

    Gobi manchurian is my favourite chinese dish. I want to try this recipe. Can I use corn starch instead of corn flour?? If yes, let me know the quantity of corn starch.

  43. Subashini

    Hi Mullai,

    Thank you very much for posting your recipes. Your recipes really taste great. Chicken salna, Chicken fried rice, noodles, parota, Gobi manchurian to name a few. Every day I check this site to see if there are any new recipes posted. Keep up the great work.

    I have a question though. Where can we find Ajinomoto? Is Ajinomoto not good for health? I do not know much about it. Could you please let me know?

    Also could you please post the recipe for Paneer Butter Masala.

    Thanx in advance,

    1. Mullai

      Subashini,  thanks a bunch for visiting my site. Glad you liked all my preparations.  Of course MSG (ajinomoto) is not good for health, but a pinch once in while will not harm much. To explain things in detail, check the link below


      Its not a compulsion that you use them in all your preparation, but to acquire that restaurant style taste, you need to use a pinch for certain items.  About your recipe request, will work on it for sure.  BTW how did u hear about this website?

      1. Subashini


        Thanks for considering my request. Actually, I was really craving for parotta and wanted to try it out myself. So I did a google search and voila! … found your video on making parotta. Thank you for posting such good recipes with video and photographs. And thanx to google for showing this great link.


  44. Radhika

    Hi mullai,
    I’ve a question,can i use corn starch instead of corn flour, in this recipe ? and also, I bought corn flour from indian store which is yellow in color,is it different from what u r using in this recipe ?
    I’m always confused abt corn flours.

    Thanks in advace

    1. Mullai

      Hello Radhika,

      Corn flour is made from whole corn kernel whereas corn starch is made from the endosperm part of the corn. Normally for thickening soups and sauces… corn starch has to be used. Flour is used for baking recipes, which comes in yellow and white. White corn flour is often referred as cornstarch in India. Corn flour has got less starch content when compared to corn starch. In my opinion yellow corn flour tastes slightly different, so I always prefer white. The above recipe is made with white cornflour.(referred as corn starch in USA)

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