BROCCOLI VADAI RECIPE – Broccoli Pakoda recipe

Broccoli Vadai

Written by Mullai

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  1. vidyuth

    my god itsssss tempting……..!!uh u know how much my mouth is watering..y r u tempting me like this to eat….i really love all ur recipes,…..

  2. Nithya Narayanan Vinod

    Wow Mullai, Broccilli vadai superb….summave half boil panni saapida pidikkara engalukku vadainna kekkanama…….let u know after making and eating…..hats off mullai…….wonderful!

  3. jlakshmi

    Vadai / adai Special Day pola.. Wonderful will suerly try this sometime. Pictures as usual as very tempting and inviting.

    Keep posting your creative ideas.

  4. Cappuccino

    Wow Mullai ! Broccoli la vadai yaaa ??? Superb ponga…Will try tomorrow and let u know the outcome ma'am. But in Sun TV dieticians were telling not to fry/deep fry the broccoli.

    They were suggesting to consume broccoli as steam cook and to boil.

    Have a great day

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