VATHAL KUZHAMBU RECIPE ~ Manathakkali Vathal Kuzhambu (வத்தல் குழம்பு)

Written by Mullai

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  1. vino

    Hi dear wanna try this one. In few of ur recipes yo hav mentioned tamarind pulp in terms of tsp.. So I find its difficult for begginers pls specify in terms of its size as yo usually do., lemon size or this recipe wats t size of tamarind.. Thanks in advance..

    1. Mullai

      Jaggery or sugar are usually added to tamarind gravies to adjust the tanginess. Adding 1/4 tsp will not change the taste or turn sweet. Hope this helps.

  2. dhanuja

    I tried this vatha kuzhambu today . It came out really well and was very yummy..waiting for my hubby to give the verdict….. I know he will like it too…

  3. Geetha vijay

    Very nice. Don’t put extra than measure. Perfect dish. I used chilling powder for colour. And also big onion and tomatoes into cut. Very similar to kalyana veetu vatha kulambhu.

  4. rohini rajagopalan

    i know how to make vatral kolamb but what u said above is very diffent from my preparation .but it looks yummm thanks .


    hi vidya and rajamani , i thanks to both of you. i need, how to prepare our own “masala podi”. what ever i need to buy and how to prepare it. kindly write it here deatily

  6. Priya Uchil

    Hullo Mullai,

    Tried this recipe and it came out so well. First time ever I prepared Vatral Kuzhambu and I was so happy that it was so tasty. Before this curry Chennai Balajee Bhavan Vatral Kuzhambu had been my favourite.


    i made the preparation which is mentioned above, really its fantastic. when having rice with this vathakuzhambau, feels like to have more and more, very tasty and particularly, the ingredients in this reciepe is improving the taste more to the tongue.
    thanks a lot.

  8. T.V. Subramanyam

    I have tasted vartha kuzhambu many times made in my house, but I am really astonished to taste the vatral Kuzhambu which you have given above. It really tasteful and I like it more than any thing. One thing I tell you as we are Andhra people we have added some more red chillies. Thank you.

  9. Prabhu

    I tried this receipe. I came up very well. Once small change I did is washed the vatral before fry in deep oil. Some time the vatral is very salty..

    Keep posting

  10. rajamani

    hi, i would like to ask .i make vathal kulambu also but mine tastes sour..i always add half of lime size tamarind with 2 cups water and i use ready made masala powder, wat should i do?

  11. Visitor

    Hi mullai, tried this receipe. Came out good but it doesn’t come as you shown in the picture. but tastewise great and nice aroma…In my kuzhambu, oil doesn’t seperate from it…Could u pls tell me the reason for it. Also i added enough oil as u mentioned in the receipe.

  12. jlakshmi


    Just I finished this mouth watering recipe,I tasted little bit.. Awesome, Made Potato Fry and Papads and Rasam to go along with this dish + ( Rice) . I also made the powders from scratch.

    Jaya Lakshmi

    1. Mullai

      Hi Naren, very happy to read your comment….was like a motivational boost. Thanks!! and I assure you that you won't be disappointed as there are lot more nice recipes to follow.

  13. catherine

    hai i m fan,i m in singapore,ialways try ur recipes and i v get gud name frm my husband………..i hav a dobt i dont hav that vathal here…….can i prepare plain kolambu r can i use moorvathal

  14. kaberi

    hey mullai i have a doubt about the names of these two things,Sundakkai, manathakkali.can you tell english or hindi names so that i can understand.and where i can get those dry veg.vatral in shop or you did it at home????thanks in advance.

  15. Manoo

    What is sambar onion. I only know 4 kinds of onion. The normal small one (light pink) & dark pink. A big pink one (there is also dark pink one) and a yellow one. Just 32km different between us. So many differences yet. Thats sad. Btw, If you dont mind, the tamil word must have "ra" instead of "tha".

    1. Mullai
      1. Sambar onion / Sambar Vangkayam / Shallots are nothing but small onion. They come in 3 colours pink, white and yellow. Check this recipe, it has picture showing small yellow onions.

      Thanks for the spelling correction, just trying on tamil fonts and one colloquial way of saying vathral is vathal. Many search that way, did a bit of research, before posting here. Anyways .

      1. gayathri karthik

        U  R SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet mullai. i really appriciate ur way of replying our friends here.

        keep it up. i m also ur fan.


        1. Mullai


          Please post all your recipe request under that category, not all post will get a reply… so many tips and techniques relating to the recipe might be listed under respective posts, pls check them before posting a  question. BTW, thanks for your feedback.

  16. Nithya

    As soon as i saw this receipe,i wanted to try this at the very instance.
    Soooper.what more to say..
    Gud receipe..excellent step by step instructions & exact measures…

      1. Nithya

        Hi Mullai,

        I tried is excellent,wonderful…I wrote to you ,just after i prepared the receipe!

        Tnx and keep posting such gud receipes.. 

  17. Visitor1

    i have a doubt, can i use yellow onion instead of sambar onions? and should i need to grind raw onion with ground powder?. thanks for sharing your recipe.

    1. Mullai

      Small sambar onions are mild and sweet which suits best for this recipe. You can also use regular onions, ofcourse grind them raw with the masala, but, tastes different though… I would be happy if you get yourself registered and go by a name. Thanks for visiting.

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