Kathirikai Murungakkai Kara Kuzhambu Recipe – Brinjal Drumstick Kara kuzhambu

Kathirikai Murungakkai Kara Kuzhambu

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. ramya reddy muthekepalli

    hi mullai mam,
    tried ur curry, came out very tasty.
    i love all ur recipes and easy to follow for new housewives like me.
    i want one suggestion that is when festival come that time is my period date. Then what can i do plz tell me .

    1. Mullai

      Thanks Ramya for your feedback. I really didn’t get your question, normally during periods I don’t do pooja, my husband does. If he can prepare a simple sweet, then fine orelse we just offer fruits. That’s how it goes. Thanks.

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