Vegetable Fried Rice

Written by Mullai

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  1. subi

    Hai Mullai I tired this recipe, chicken biryani, and Kathirikkai sadham this husband liked all the recipes esp. chicken biryani…thanks a lot for the recipes mullai..

  2. aarthick

    Hello Mullai, tried this recipe and the taste was awesome, we liked it. But the color was not as white as yours, is that cos of the dark soy sauce i used?? I used only very little of it since I dint have a lighter one. How to obtain pure white colored rice like yours?? I had tried so many of ur recipes and everything had turned out to be a great hit. Thanks for posting excellent recipes with clear instructions.

  3. Madhuprem

    Hi Mullai,
    I am regularly using ur recipes for cooking and surprising my husband, who is very happy, these days. I tried this fried rice along with Gobi Manchurian(ur receipe). It came wonderful. Sorry was not able to post this reply immediately. I have tried several of ur dishes like bhaigan ka bartha, taro root fry, mushroom pepper fry etc. Everthing is wonderful. Thanks for posting such wonderful recipes.

  4. Sathya Suresh

    Kalakureenga Mullai… I'm very much impressed about ur site. The fried rice tasted like the ones we have in hotel. Great Job!!! Nowadays one of my hobby is to browse ur site. Best Regards, Sathya

  5. Sudharavi

    Hi mullai,

    I tried this recipe yesterday ,it came very good,i followed the tip i.e ., i added 1tsp of oil in the cooking rice and refrigerated the cooked rice as well. It was very nice. we liked it very much,thank u ,one more to say ,tomoto sauce is very nice as side dish ,thank u mullai.

    1. Mullai

      Sudha… think the tip worked and glad you enjoyed the dish. Of course no kidding Tomato ketchup is one good handy side for any stir fried rice.

  6. Visitor

    hi mullai,

    actually here is a tip for fried rice , while cooking rice put 1 tsp of oil and little salt , so that the cooked rice don’t stick to eachother , and also refrigerate the rice once cooked,if this is done the fried rice will really turn out awsome …

  7. shan

    Hello Mullai ma'am, I'm going to make Veg-fried rice for tonite's dinner with gobi manchurian. In chicken fried rice u have mentioned to add chilli sauce, do i need to add for the veg-fried rice too. Also i'm having only dark soy sauce will it good to make. Pls tell me the some other suitable side dish for veg-fried rice…I'm waiting for ur reply to cook…

    One more thing, where can i get PANKO bread crumbs ? Will it be available in Stop & Shop ?

    1. Mullai


      Its your choice, no harm in adding chilli sauce, it just enhances the flavour. Dark soy sauce is fine, but see that you add little less and then adjust accordingly. Paneer butter masala, Peas masala, chicken tikka masala, simple egg curyy should be ok too. Panko is available in all supermarkets chains, should be under International foods section. We don't have Stop & Shop here in Michigan, not really sure, try and let me know.

      1. shan

        Mullai ma'am i tried Veg-fried rice and Gobi manchurian y'day nite it came-out well !!! Thanks for ur receipe.

        I found Japanese Style PANKO in stop & shop from Bread Crumbs Aisle (Italian style panko is also there)

        Once again….so much…

  8. Singai

    Hi, just amazed with your recipe collection. I’m always having a basic problem/difficulty in cooking basmati rice in non-stick mode. I would appreciate if you could help me out, thanks.

    1. ssujatha

      hi Singai,

            you can add few drops of oil while cooking the rice.This will prevent the rice grains from being sticky.

          Hope this helps you.

    2. Mullai

      Singai, do u use a rice cooker? It also depends on the variety of rice too, some cheap brands tend to stick. For good brands its 1 cup rice:2 cups water ratio. Sujatha has given one good solution , try a few drops of lemon juice while cooking rice or use a pinch of sugar. Do not stir rice while cooking this would tend to make them more sticky. Hope this helps.

  9. kaberi

    this recipe is one of my handy one whenever guests come to my house.this time on my son’s birthday i prepared it as a main course for both veggies and non-veggies..and there were 70 people and everybody appreciated the dish and i was everytime saying thanks to mullai. 🙂

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