Uppu Urundai – Upma kozhukattai

Written by Mullai

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  1. Anitha Sundar

    yummy food!! its a best food @ evening time..
    and we can add green vegetables also in this like carrot,fresh peas,beans & cashew nuts (option).

  2. prasanna

    good one,reminds me of my mom.A super hit snack at my home durimg the rainy seasons after school.Thanks,will surely try it.

  3. vidhya saravanakumar

    Mullai – Wonderful Site . Recently came to know of this website. Really great brilliant work. A great change is happening now in my cooking. I have tried few recipes out from the day I came to know of this site. All recipes (with no doubt) are great success.. Yesterday evening tried this & it came out really well. I have tried similar recipe before but it was always a flop. Thanks for your clear explantion & beautiful photos. Keep Rocking !!!

  4. kavivk

    Reminds me of my grandmother. I love upu urndai which she makes. I’ll try this right away .. thanks for posting this recipe !!

  5. Ratna A

    Hi Mullai,

    Uppu Kozhakatai is one of my favorite next to idli. I have been longing to eat this and always think of my mom. I was so happy to see this recipe. I am going to try this out pretty soon and will surely post my comment on this.

    Thanks for this recipe.

    Ratna A 

  6. Sanram27

    Hi mullai akka, This recipe reminds me my mother….since it is one of the favorite recipe from my mother's kitchen…..i came to U.S six months back….after registering in ur site…i think i have learned lot of new dishes and very much eager to make it for my mother….. u r doing awesome work…ur recipes are great…..please continue for many number of sisters like me….

  7. Ron

    Hi Mullai Akka,

    Belated Kaarthikai Deepam Wishes !!
    I tried making Paal kozhukattai yesterday and ended wth sme left over rice flour dough .Smethng flashed and started making dumplings thnking of vuppu vurandai..whch my mom usually makes.
    I added everythng as needed for this recipe and steamed it for arnd 15 -20 mts. Smell was gud even the taste Akka !! bt the dumplings were not as hard as it shld be..anyways we finished it thnking of my moms dumplings..Was a gud experience thgh.. 😉

  8. aarthick

    Mullai, wonderful recipe.. i wanted to try this always. Your recipes are too good and so tempting. I have become a regular visitor to this website. Thanks a ton!! is it ok to prepare the rice granules in bulk and store in air tight containers??

  9. EatHealthy

    Mullai, the modern type of preparation of this upma kozhukattai, uses coarse ‘sooji’ (rice rava)
    to avoid the soaking rice and drying it process. Just make arisi rava upma as usual and once done, and still warm, make balls and steam it..so easy and tasty!

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