Stuffed Paratha

Written by Mullai

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  1. anitharavindran

    hi mullai,

    For this measurement how many parathas can we make?. I want measurement for 20 paratha could u tell me please. Could i make the stuffing part day before and make the paratha next day how its work?.


  2. reena wilson

    Dear Mullai,
    The parantha is so tempting in your recipe and kindly suggest how to go about with red chilli or red chilli powder as we do not use green chilli in our cooking. I’m basically allergic to green chilli.

    1. Mullai

      Reena, you can try with just the red chili powder, adjust the level to suit your taste. Green chili is not a must but really adds up the punch. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Abhi Muthu


    I tried stuffed parathas today. It came out very good tastewise. your tip for dusting with maida was very helpful. Since I used whole wheat flour, initially I used whole wheat for dusting too, but the dark spots and the whole area has dark brown burnt flour after making one paratha. Then I remembered your tip and used maida for dusting,rolling was easy too.

  4. bhargavi

    Hi Mullai,
    You are preparing wonderful recipes are the BEST in cooking …i am not at all boasting you…just telling the fact about you 🙂 ..And I have a small doubt about this recipe.Can I preapre this with out using paneer and peas ..just using only onions.. And then would it become onion paratha…because i am interested in preparing onion prarathaa 🙂 ..sooo plzz help about that ..plz…

  5. gowher

    Hi Mam,
    Its really mouth watering recipe i really wanted to try it… But 🙁 right now i dont hav paneer at home. Can i replace paneer with any other vegie? If so please do suggest me regarding the vegie…..

    1. Manoo

      You can check vegetable cutlets / spicy potato masala. Both can be used for this. Its similar to aloo naan. Only thing is you must mash the masala / curry well. 

  6. dahlia

    i am a first timer.. i tried mixing the dough with the exact measurements given… but adding 1 cup buttermilk to 1 cup wheat and 1 cup maida made it very loose.. i should have added it little by little.. but i blindly added the entire cup.. then i added little more flour.. the final result was excellent..i really appreciate ur patience in developing these recipes with mouth watering pictures.

  7. saleena

    Hi Mullai, I tried this recipe yesterday,it was a success as usual. I have left some in the freezer as u have directed. I have a very silly doubt, 1.Wouldn't the parathas harden if frozen? 2.Can i refrigerate them,will it remain fresh, to be used within a month's time? FYI,i have added paneer and have placed the parathas between wax paper and stored them in a ziploc bag. Saleena.

    1. Mullai

      Saleena, Refrigeration can keep the parathas fresh for a couple of days, but freezing helps for a longer run. It might look hard when you take them out of the freezer, but once you thaw for 15 minutes, will be back to soft stage. Then either microwave or slightly roast on the tawa and serve.

  8. Deepa Manimudichozhan

    My North Indian friend says that we could make two thin puris, spread the stuffing on one of them , then place the second puri on top of the stuffing and roll out lightly. I have tried this, it works well.

  9. Mullai

    Stuffed parathas are little tricky to make, but if you master the skills, you would make it in minutes.
    1. Make sure the stuffing is not too oily.
    2. Do not over stuff, adjust depending on the size of your rolled out dough.
    3. Mash the stuffing to a soft paste like consistency, bcos big lumps might sneak out while rolling.
    4. Dust with flour to avoid sticking to the surface.

    These are the possible solutions from my side, any memeber with an alternative solution are welcome to post it here.

  10. Manoo

    We had this parotha ystday. One North Indian Frnd said that it would taste different if we pour some (heated) ghee on it before serving. Yea thats true as it was nice. Thnx for the recipe.

  11. Jayshree

    Hi Mullai,

    Just a small doubt in this recipe. What type of peas is used in ur recipe ? Normal frozen peas will be little big compared to petite peas. If I use normal frozen peas will it not come out or have bulging in the area where peas is found. Pls clarify as to what peas to be used ?

    I am trying different recipes everyday, shall also post my recipes in ur site. If so pls let me know the procedure.

    1. Mullai

      I use regular frozen peas, if u think they are too big, just cook them for sometime and mash with paneer while making the masala. About sharing recipes, just register, then login and start adding recipes, it will walk you thru.

  12. lalitha

    It’s really excellent. I like this site very much. Thanks for giving tips(Notes) Shall I post some of the recipes what I thought different. To whom I post, Only for sharing. others also enjoy the different food.

    1. Mullai

      Lalitha, thank you. Actually you need to register to share your recipes, just login and then add a recipe or directly post in the forum. Once you register I shall email the details.

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