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Rava Kichadi

Written by Mullai

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  1. R.Ramakrishnan

    Gone through your recipe. Thanks a lot. The procedure is very similar to Rava Upma. Where does the difference lies between upma and Kichadi? Need your kind answer on this.

    1. Mullai

      Khichadi is usually made with lentils and cream of wheat whereas upma is typically with just cream of rice or wheat ( plus or minus veggies). Technically this one a rava upma but many restaurants and even in marriage ceremonies(only in the southern part of the country) this is served as khichadi and hence I have named it that way. Hope this clears your doubt, thanks.

  2. Lavender

    Hi Mullai,

    first of all I love your website and im surviving cooking for my husband and myself only becos of you… today makes 6 months since im married and i’ve been logging in everday without fail for the past 3 months.. got myself registered here a month ago 🙂
    Reg this recipe,when you say ” Then saute onions followed by tomatoes and veggies. Cook them with turmeric and little salt” how do i cook the veggies by just frying them or should i pressure cook?


    1. Mullai

      If you cover and cook for few minutes they will become tender and then when you add water and cook them again with rava they will be perfectly soft & firm. Only downside is sometimes if the veggies are cut bigger and if Indian green peas are used then it may take longer to cook. In that case you will have to steam them separately and add. (Pre-cut frozen carrot and sweet green peas will cook within seconds)Let me also include this note in my recipe. Hope this helps, thanks.

  3. sathu

    Mullai, This was one dish which came to perfection in the very first attempt.. Though one of the reasons could be because the dish is simple, I am sure it would not be possible without your simple & clear instructions and of course not to mention the magic of your receipes 🙂 Thank you and keep rocking!!!

      1. Aruna

        Looking all ur recipes and photos really i cant tell you that you r an amateur .good job .All ur recipes are simply superbbbbbbb………

  4. girlnextdoor

    Hi Mullai..
    Cud u post the recipe of the dry chutney southindians eat with idli… its a red color chutney.. i do not knw wts it called but i hv tasted couple of times when my southie friends used to bring it..

  5. Priyamohanraj

    For this rava kichadi, how to make sure we avoid lumps of rava while mixing with water.
    Becoz everytime i add rava to water it forms lumps. is there any other way to get a good form..

    1. Mullai

      One easy trick would be to add the rava just before the water starts to boil. This gives you some time to stir to rava to blend with water. Try and let me know.

    2. Visitor

      Hi Priya,

      To avoid lumps you try to add a bit of oil (may be 1 tsp to 1 cup of rava) while frying the rava. My mom told me this, and I tried.. and it works !!! 🙂

      Try and see


      1. jksundar

        hi  vasumathi,

        Could u be from chennai? I once had a close friend by ur name nd am still searching for her.



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