COCONUT CHUTNEY RECIPE – Thengai Chutney – Easy Chutney Recipes

Written by Mullai

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  1. anushaa

    It tastes good when u add 1 chopped small onion while seasoning.
    My granies do seasoning with coconut oil or sesame oil for a good flavour.

  2. Vishi

    Is there any alternative to fresh grated coconut? I can get coconut milk/dry coconut, but fresh coconut is tough and pricy to get esp in Switzerland 🙁

  3. Abhi Muthu


    Nice explanation of the varieties in coconut chutney.. I add ginger or garlic(1 clove)to the chutney, curry leaves etc.
    I also add one raw tomato with pottukadalai, coconut, ginger it tastes good too.

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