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  1. rgr126

    Hi Mullai, I live in Norway.. and here they dont sell anything with the MTR brand. Its completly unknown here. Are there any other brands which could give the same taste or that u would recommend beside the MTR brand? Thanks

    1. Mullai

      Rg126, I've tried MTR, Achi and Priya.. they are good. Most of the time I use homemade powder, once in a while grab these store brands. Sometime soon will try to post a recipe on this. Thanks.

  2. mohana kumaran

    Hi mullai,

    As u said MTR brand of rasam powder is good. But can we make it at home. I prepare rasam powder at home but feel this brand of rasam powder as something more tastes fantastic. if i could get the receipe it would be nice.

    mohana kumaran

  3. karthikshan

    Thanx mullai, i tried your rasam yesterday and it came out excellent…( first time i got very good comments for rasam (usually my rasam taste like chilli water..lol)..Thank you so much.

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