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  1. M Divya

    Hi jeyalaksmi…super poori…yesaterday i did pooris for dinner with veg kurma….i do the same way.. as urs i do not dust the poori while shaping..gr8 job….nice…
    Divya Mubarak


    dear if u add bit of rava to the flour it ll make u crispy nice poori
    which dont absorb oil more like urs
    tr out and reply

  3. meerabiju

    Dear Jeyalekshmy, Just coming out from my kitchen with ur hot poori for my dinner.I am so happy that it came very puffy & crispy. you really saved the day. one thing that I really noticed is when the oil is too hot the poori gets puffed quickly.& just for a taste I add a pinch of sugar(tip from one of my northy friend).anyways thanks a lot and really appretiate your mind for sharing this recipe .

    1. jeyalakshmi

      OMG you reallyyyyy made my day, Meera :-):-) me all smiles 🙂 thanks a lot. ya thats right. thanks for pointing out. didnt know abt sugar though.

      aaha, samatha vanthu comment sonnathu romba pidichu iruku. thanks 🙂

  4. abhimuthu

    Thanks for the poori recipe.
    I do the same way to get fluffy pooris, slight change, my mom says that for poori immediately after mixing the dough flatten and make puris. Soaking absorbs more oil.
    Flattening procedure and dough of required consistency is important to make fluffy pooris.
    Yours pooris look good. will try soon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. jeyalakshmi

    Hi Meera, thanks for the quick reply 🙂 I did mention the wheat flour but somehow its not reflected in the recipe. I am trying again.

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