Onion Pakoda

Written by Mullai

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  1. Amit Pattnaik

    The Onion pakodas look really enticing. Now that the monsoon is here, the evenings (especially those of the weekends) call for such hot and spicy pakodas.. What could be better than just sitting by the balcony and enjoying the rains sipping hot tea and onion pakodas. Thank you so much for the recipe 🙂

  2. Parishaadil

    Hi Mullai,
    I have tried some of ur recipes and love it . Infact I have been searching for this recipe for a very long time and it is superb. Thanku for sharing this with all of us.

  3. sowmya sandeep

    Hi Mullai.. Please reply.. how can i measure 1 cup? i am very new to cooking. i couldnt understand 6 oz and 8 oz mentioned in your comments. can u pls help me out vth this… Regards, Sowmya

  4. Sudhir P

    Hello Mullai,
    Wow Kodi namskaram I tried and it came out awesome. The pakoda we get/eat in Chennai is always one of my favorite, I am so glad I could make such a wonderful Pakoda, the recipe that I was searching for last 8 yrs! Thank you very much for the recipe.

  5. Lyla

    Dear Mullai,

    I’m from pakistan. I love to cook. Just got to look at ur site…and had to register immediately…for everything was just so in sync!…the recipes…the presentation…the measurements…everything!

    I’m going to make these pakoras in Ramadan inshAllah. Lets see how they turn out…..from ur postings it seems very tempting n mouth watering 🙂

    Good going!
    Prayers n blessings for ur hard work and passion!!!


  6. prachi

    hi mullai,
    i m a new member from new delhi,india.

    i tried pakora recipe today.you have explained all steps very nicely,that i followed perfectly well.

    however they remained soggy inside even though they were crisp outside.please tell me how to cook them perfectly from inside also?



    1. Mullai


      If the oil temperature is too high, then the outside gets cooked quickly leaving the inner stuff uncooked and soft. Pls read the tips under this recipe and also check the comments which have been replied. Some common mistakes and tips have been already discussed under the recipe. Thanks.

  7. pkges

    hi i made pakoda last long weekend.its very nice and tasty.we enjoyed with pakoda.thaks for you effort .keep it up.your family so blessed with your recepi too.

  8. manu

    Hi Mullai,

    I have visited this site many times but was lazy to register and create an account.
    But after preparaing the Pakodas as per ur instructions I felt I shud definitely appreciate u……The measurements are very perfect.
    The pakodas were very tasty…

    Hats off to u


  9. divya mubarak

    hello mullai, tried out pakoda yesterday cam out superb..adyar anandha bhawan pakoda madhiri vandhudhu…super..thank u..jus wanted to share tis pic which i took yesterday

  10. Indhumati


    I tried this recipe. It came good..Attached the photo of the pakoda that came.

    Adding butter – came without Oily. Thanks for recipe.

    1. Mullai

      Indhumathi, good to know that it turned great, picture speaks your perfection. As far as I know those lala stores use vanaspathi for making this instead of butter but hey.. whichever works for you is fine too. Thanks for your feeddback and tip.

  11. anithashankar

    I just made this mullai. Very crispy and tasty too. I used to add more rice flour so far thinking that it will increase crispiness, but this time I used your measurements excatly and the pakoda was perfect.

  12. shan

    Ma’am onemore thing…Everything came fine, but the last batch was soggy, also i added rice and besan flour again but this didn’t help for me just 6-7 pieces waste aayiduchi doesn’t matter. Anyhow finally i learnt how to make pakodas. Mattrabadi everything came perfect as shown in the pic’s. Thanx again.

    Have a great day

  13. shan

    Ma’am just made and turned out excellent…Tastes like store bought one. Waiting for my hubby to taste….Thanks for your receipe

    Have a great day

  14. preethika

    Hi Mullai,
    I tried the pakoda yesterday…it came out perfectly.
    Keep up your great work…your proportions are just perfect..thanks to your site i’ve developed lotsa interest for cooking 🙂 even my mom is surprised.

  15. thiya

    Hello Mullai,

    I tried this today.
    came out very well.
    All the appreciation goes to you.
    thank you so much for sharing these recipes.


  16. kavya kalyana

    I make the same way except that i add some mint leaves and red pepper flakes instead of red chilly powder and also some garam masala powder.

  17. ani_sep9_2k1

    Hi Mullai, I thought of trying pokadas today but i have few doubts in your receipe ,actually in 3rd line you wrote "Add this to the creamed fat and mix to form a crumbly textured flour" so what is the creamed fat means and one more question in ingrdients you said "½ cup Rice flour (add 3 tbsp along with this)" i dont understand how much we have to add rice flour its 1/2 or 3 tbsp. sorry for asking those silly questions..i'am very weak in cooking.please bear me.waiting for your reply.

     Thank you in Advance.

    1. Mullai

      Baking soda added to vanaspati and creamed — this is creamed fat. Regarding rice flour.. you need to use (1/2 cup + 3tablespoon). These are exact measures and its quite hard to put them in fractions. Hope this helps.


  18. Vijitha

    Mullai pakodala engayo thappu pannitaen. I dint get the shape like yours. Its crispy but pirinchu pirinchu poidichu. Will try it on more time and let you know. The taste is very good. But it intake lots of oil. I asked my friend and she told me to add just 1T(table spoon) ghee. Will it work for me? VIJI

    1. Mullai

      Vijitha, once you add the onions to the flour, it will start to release water in addition to the quantity you add. So… have to fry them soon, the more they soak, the more crumbly it will result. Actually I use this proportion and works for me. Try what your friend suggested and see if that works for you. My recipe will work for storing them for a week. Less fat and more water will make it soft and will be good for immediate consumption only.

  19. Manoo

    Intha things ellam thedi vanga muthal i will be half dead… cant wait to try yet… goin to make during chinese new year… woohoo……. Thank you Looks so tempting….

  20. Samantha

    Dear Mrs.Mullai,
    I am a big fan of yours.You are awesome.And I appreciate the efforts and lengths you have gone to give these wonderful recipes.You really have amazing patience to answer each and every doubts.I have registered just today but have been visiting this site every day for about a year now.
    I love the photos and detailed cooking instructions.I particularly want to thank and appreciate the time you take to present the recipes.Yours is one site that makes people visiting for the first time to come and visit again and again.You love what you do and that reflects in your postings.Thank you once again for your good work.You are the best.


  21. abhimuthu


    unga details paathu asandhu poyiten. No one can miss the consistency and the proportion detailed in this recipe. I feel like I can make Krishna sweets pakoda using your recipe.
    Keep up your good work and keep posting new recipes..I am addicted to your site nowadays..

      1. abhimuthu


        Enakkum samaikanum nu aasai thaa, but there is no one to eat. My hubby is telling that everyday I am making delicious food like hotel after seeing your recipes and making him fat. Paarunga nallaa samai chaalum thappu..

  22. deepthi

    Hi Mullai. thanks for sharing this recipe.I browsed all sites everytime . after visiting ur site am not going to any other food site.

  23. Vijitha

    Hi Mullai. thanks for sharing this recipe. I tried it but every time the end product will be very soft. But taste good.Now i can try it in ur way.VIJI

  24. Sivajothi

    I am a BIGG fan of you… to be very frank with you , after visiting ur site am not going to any other food site….i see ur site once (atleast) in a day… I appreciate all ur efforts…. thanks

  25. Suganswami

    Hi Mullai,

    Like all the other street side items this one is always a hit. Good that you chose this. The sad part is I couldn’t see the picture. But, I could see someother pictures by simply clicking. I couldn’t see some by doing the same. Very busy these days… Inviting friends everyday for dinner… Will register asap. What is gonna be the Pongal special recipe?


  26. ayesha1

    Mullai mam,

    asathurenga ponga!! u rock!!
    We speak abt ur talent and ur hardwork in all our ladies potluck.

    Evereyone likes u so much!!
    We all stay in Michigan.
    pathu, unga veetu vasanaila nanga ellam oru naal sollama vanthudaporam!!

    Keep ur good work!!
    MAy God bless ur family!!


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