Microwave Okra Chips

Written by Mullai

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  1. Mrs.Ram


    Sorry im really new for cooking.. What is 3+2+1 min microwave? Should i microwave first for 3 min then later again set for 2 min and again for 1 min? Should i leave intervals between these timing?

    Kindly request you to reply.

    Thanks in advance..

    1. Mullai

      Ram, you need give a break after the first 3 minutes. Flip them and then cook for 2 minutes and do the last one minute. Microwave settings and power differ and its always good to go in this manner to avoid burning the okras. Thanks.

  2. kamakshi

    HI MULLAI,  Idid this okra for the first time. My daughter and her friends liked this taste and she is asking again to do the same. YUMMY very tasty and easy to do. thank u.

  3. Ambal

    Hi Mullai,
    Tried this Okra fry today…wow it came out very well..
    I loved it. Nice recipe..I added one spoon of besam flour to your recipe. your measurement and instructions was amazing. Exactly 5 minutes, my delicious spicy okra fry was ready.I followed your 3+2+1 min instruction.



  4. Sugi7

    Hi Mullai, Tried this yesterday. It was very nice , my entire family loved it! (it took 7 mins in my MW). Thanks a lot for this easy & yummy recipe!

  5. gaayuu

    Hi Mullai,

    I have tried a few recipies of yours and all are wonderful !!
    I am really amazed at your cooking and display skill.

    Going to try this today for dinner.
    Hope it will turn good as all your dishes do.

    Keep posting,

  6. Sharmilla Saravana

    Tried this out & it came out so well. Loved it. Awesome! Never imagined I could make it so crispy & that too with such little oil.

  7. ani

    Thanks Mullai …!! One of my daughter’s favourite is this fried okra!! Can we try this with bitter guard?? In the same style?? B’coz i used to fry pavakai with little bit of rice flour with the same masala as u specified for the okra in pan . But it drinks so much of oil to make pavakai fry in pan..!! So can u pls post for pavakai fry also…!!

  8. pavithra sureshkumar

    Just now i finished this okra…it came out very well mullai…little spicy for me…but enjoyed the crispyness.
    i followed the 3+2+1 min method…Thanks mullai.

  9. vidyuth

    hi mullai…
    i lov okras…n this is one of my favourite….but it never comes out the same way every time i make..may b bcoz of the timing…thanx for those details….but dont u sprinkle a bit of oil on top…will the masala stick…

    1. Mullai

      Umav, i have no clue, would suggest you to take 3 minutes at a time and check. As I've mentioned a lot of things matter if you use a microwave. Only few trials will answer your question. Even I tried a couple of times in my microwave to be this specific. If you succeed, pls post the time so that members with same power oven can benefit. Thanks.

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