Karunai Kizhangu Varuval

Written by Mullai

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  1. S.Subramaniane

    I am a post graduate in Agriculture. Karunai is very small in size smaller than a coconut copra and Sennai is comparatively huge in size. Both are different

  2. ArunInKitchen

    All three are different. Karunai Kizhangu, Senai Kizhangu and Seppan Kizhangu. May be they are from same family(not sure). 1. Usually my mom makes senai kizhangu varuval very often. Senai Kizhangu is the one in big size called Elephant Yam. Usually they sell it by cutting into half or quarted pieces. I love senai kizhangu varuval.. yummy Pic1: http://www.uga.edu/rootandtubercrops/photos/elephantyamcorm.jpg Pic2: http://img525.imageshack.us/my.php?image=elephantyam1un5.jpg 2. Karunai Kizhangu is ordinary Yam. Smaller in size. Karunai Kizhangu Masiyal is a quite popular dish in south india and very good for health, particularly stomach problems, piles, etc,… Pic: 3. Third is seppankizhangu. It is smaller in size. sometimes difficult to differentiate between seppankizhangu and karunai kizhangu. I guess this is what is called as arbi or arvi. I am really not a great fan of this. Though I have even it few times. My mom has made seppankizhangu masala. Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. nanshy

    Karunai and Senai are the same. this is the big round one.  called yam.. Cheppangkilangu is the other one. There are the ones size of potatoes.. 🙂 called taro roots/arbi… Hope this helps!!!

    1. Mullai

      Hi Arul,

      I did quite a research on this and found out that they are the same or at least from the same yam family. Don't have a picture to share as we only get the frozen stuff over here. I would be happy to make a correction if you clarify with a picture or link to sort out the difference.

      1. Cappuccino

        The above receipe is Senaikilangu, karunai kilangu is the one we make puzhi kulambu. Sepankilangu is taro root

        Have a great day

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