Idli Recipe using Idli Rava – How to make idli with idli rava

Idli Recipe using Idli Rava

Written by Mullai

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  1. Prarthana Srikanth

    Hi Mullai,
    In the ingredient list it says to add 1/2 cup urad dal but In the method it says to add 1 cup. Which should I follow? Thanks!

  2. Lakshmi Gopal

    Hi Mullai, I just had a doubt if the same rice rava can be used for arisi upma?may be not because for arisi upma they use raw rice rava and this one is not. Please clarify. By the way can you post recipe for arisi upma please.many thanks,Lakshmi

    1. Mullai

      Lakshmi, like you mentioned arisi upma is made from noyi arisi(broken raw rice/ pachai arisi), you can still use this but tastewise I prefer pachai arisi. Thanks.

  3. Roopa

    Dont u think 350F is far too high a temp?cos I used to earlier try it at that temp and found out that my idli batter dint ferment.thus I had tried it at jus 200F preheated for jus 15 minutes

  4. Divya

    OMG….I cannot beleive what bulunder i did with Idli Rava today,
    I thought Idli rava is the shortcut to making idlis…and I took IR , added some salt , Added Yogurt and beat it …Kept it for 20 mins and made Idlis…Worst ever idlis in history…
    Cursed myself whole day but confused what went wrong…I thought just like we make Idli using Suji, we can use IR
    But you made my day… BIg Thank You and Biggg Hug…Am gonne try this morning first thing

  5. Cappuccino

    Thanx mullai. Np, Planning to make Rava Pongal using rest of the idli rava. Thanx for your immediate reply dear.

  6. Cappuccino

    mullai, i tried idly using idly rava..the outcome was as same as yours. But the problem is idly sapdum pothu uthirinthu varuthu!! can’t able to dip in sambar its like rava upma…I followed exactly what you had mentioned in the recipe. Don’t know where i went wrong. Pls help me to fix the issue. FYI – idli batter fermented well and water quantity is also same as u mentioned.

    Can we make dosa using this batter ? pls let me know.

    1. Mullai

      Cap, usually thats how they are… just like rava idlis but they will be intact. May be the water content must have been little too much. The batter should be thick, I understand that you used the right quantity but still things like this happens. Try with less water next time. Urad dal could be one culprit, as with whole urad the quantity usually turns more and broken urad yield less. So i have no clue as to which one, better luck next time. BTW, this batter is only for idlis, if attempted- get ready for a shabby one.
      I know you have been asking for Singapore recipes, i will try to update some… I got to do some serious shopping for that!!!


  7. Samira

    Hi Ladies, I am not Indian but my husband is Indian, I am trying to learn Iindian cooking. I am confused on idly rava and idly podi. Idli Podi is sold here in Dubai in south indian shops, it is already contains urad dal inside. I am just wondering is idly rava and idly podi same thing? Thank you for help!

    1. Mullai

      Samira, they are two different things. I hope you know what idlis are !! do you??
      Idli – Soft steamed rice cakes made with ground rice and urad lentil.
      Idli rava – Ground rice used to make idlis. This is also called Cream of rice.
      Idli podi – Its a spice mix made with red chili+ combination of lentils which includes urad too. This is usually served as a side for idlis or dosas. We mix this powder with sesame oil and eat along with idlis.
      Hope your doubt is cleared. Thanks.

  8. maruthi_08

    Mullai mam,

    i request you to post the recipe for upma using this idli rava.i tried out but result did not turn up well..

    pls help i think the upma will also taste good..(different from normal upma)

  9. maruthi_08

    hi mullai,

    thanks for this recipe..

    I have a doubt that y we need to preheat in oven, is it that the batter needs warmth..

    the climatic condition at my place is warm only..can i allow the batter to ferment normally without pre-heating

  10. sSs

    Hi Mullai,

    I made Idlis today using this recipe. It was excellent!
    I was never able to make Idlis like this before; soft and yummy. I made
    the Kothamalli thokku to go with this and it was just an amazing

    It’s really great that you share so many recipes! They are always
    a great success 🙂

    May god bless you and your family!


  11. Mrs Dhinesh

    Hi mullai,
    Very nice ……..What you have mentioned in the first line is very true ………

    Keep up ur good work …..Will utilize the idly rava

    Thanks .

  12. Cappuccino

    Mullai, nice to see your post. Asusual superb and mouthwatering ! Will try soon once i get idly rava

    Have a great day

  13. Sudha S

    Vow!! My all time favorite is this.used to have such idlies in SUKH SAGAR chennai.. Taste heavenly when these idlies takes bath in sambar which has a sweet tint on it..

    Thanks Mullai..

  14. rammyaraj

    looks gr8…of all its extremly good and exciting to see that you have started to post your interesting reciepes again…keep it coming 🙂

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