Fig Halwa


Simple and quick halwa with dried figs and mixed nuts.

Anjeer Halwa / Fig Burfi / Fig bars / Athipazham  Halwa / Dried Fruit Halwa






20 nos Dried figs
2 cups Warm milk
2 tbsp Ground almond
2 tbsp Sugar
2 nos Cardamom powdered
1/2 cup Toasted nuts (Almond, cashew and pistachios)
2 tbsp Ghee


Chop the dried figs into small pieces and soak them in warm milk for 45 minutes. (You can heat the milk in microwave for 2 minutes) Powder the cardamom and chop the toasted nuts.

Use a food processor or mixie to make a paste or puree with figs and milk.

With few spins they turn into a thick puree.

Heat about 1 tbsp of ghee in a pan and add the pureed figs along with sugar and powered cardamom.  Stir in for few minutes until the sugar blends well.

At this stage you may add the almond powder. (Variations: You may also add Khoa  or Milk powder  instead of almond powder)

Keep stirring for the next 30 minutes over low flame. You may have to scrap the pan now and then as it has the tendency to stick. Add toasted chopped nuts at this stage.

Add another tbsp ghee and mix. About in next 15 minutes, it will change its colour to darker shades of brown , get more shinny and roll up like a ball. Switch off.

Grease a plate of tray with some ghee and spread the mixture and press. Decorate by adding some more of the chopped nuts.

Once cooled cut them into small squares.


Figs are naturally sweet and sugar is just optional. I like mine extra sweet and included some.

Yield; 15 (2″x2″ bars)

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