Written by sugakar


  1. food_lover

    Thank you for the great lover! Just tried this recipe – it came out excellent. I used wet coconut as I wasnt sure if I was supposed to use Wet or Dry coconut. can you recommend the right ingredient?

  2. sugakar

    thank u yaso and sakthi. am sorry for the mistake hav corrected it. The one you tell goes well with chappathi at my home. try out and let me knw

  3. yasovarney



    I used to prepare this chutney, its v.delicious. Try choosing juicy tomatos. With ingredients 1: I will put Onion, Garlic, Ginger,tomato, curry leaves, cocojut and dry chili.
    Since I want to avoid using lots of oil, I will saute,grind and serve, I won’t put mustard etc.

  4. shakthi.asuri

    hi. this is definitely a good recipe. pls make correction in the iingrediet list, where it says grated bottlegaurd instead of coconut. i guess u had chosen the ing from the drop down menu. take care. and thanks for the recipe.

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