Dal Makhani

Written by Mullai

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  1. Shalini

    Hi Mullai,made the curry in the morning.Turned out super tasty ,just like the way in the restaurants.Infact ,I added 2% milk instead of cream and used half butter ,half oil.But still it tasted so good.Thanks again for the wondeful recipe and detailed explaination.Please do post Kadai paneer (your style) sometime

  2. Shalini

    Thanks for the headsup Mullai.I have only those pink color ones.I will proceed with your exact recipe and will let you know

  3. Shalini

    Mullai,fantastic recipe,picture and presentation.Going to try this tomorrow.If I am using Red Masoor dal,how much should I add?.In that case,do I have to replace the 1tsp Channa dal with Red Masoor.Pardon my ignorance.TIA

    1. Mullai

      Thanks Shalini, actually you may omit both kidney beans and channa dal and make with just the Red masoor, make sure you use the whole masoor with skin on (about 3/4 cup should yield decent gravy) The color will be little dark, but will taste awesome. Try and then let me know, thanks.

  4. Yasmin

    Cant thank enough for this wonderful recipe Mullai.. you are such a star and an inspiration to my passion for cooking.. I must say I learnt a lot from your website than my own mother 🙂 once again thank you for fulfilling this neiyar viruppam 😀

    Just a small doubt.. I sodhapified this recipe many a times coz of store bought tomato purees. It spoiled the taste of the whole dish. Can u pls share how u made this puree ? It is from the raw tomatoes or boiled peeled and mashed ?

    1. Mullai

      Thanks Yasmin, my plaeasure! Even I’m a beginner when it comes to certain recipes and when I try those new recipes, I’m learning too. This dal makhani is still not a match for Sachin ka dhaba, guessing that the fresh cream makes a huge difference, try and let me know. BTW, those are vine ripe tomatoes… even I don’t like the store bought puree. Those puree and pulp gives nice color, only problem is they have excess vinegar or citric acid which spoils the recipe making it too tangy. If you have no choice but to use store bought puree, then cook them with 1/4 tsp of sugar which will balance the tanginess. I usually go with ripe red tomatoes on vine, crush it with my hands, you can also use a potato masher…make it really mushy and then add. Do not put them in the blender, the skin is the culprit… either blanch, remove the skin and then blend or go with the above. For this particular recipe, we are cooking the dhal for a long time and that can easily cook the tomatoes…. and there is no need to boil/blanch. Hope this helps,give it a try and do share a pic!


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