Chicken Manchurian

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      You may use minced cauliflower / paneer / tofu along with the other veggies in this recipe. If using just one veggie then go with cauliflower or baby corn. Thanks.

  1. Pratibha

    hi… only today i got to know abt ur site!! well, i love manchurian… but ur recipe is a lil different n damn good n tasty!! jus loved it!


  2. priyabalrajan

    it's a waste to have a scoring board for this site. The score for all recipes is not 10 it's 100/100 Thank you…

  3. Ramya Karthi

    Ramya Karthi Hi Mullai…just now tried ur recipe and having it while typing this…its yummmmmmmmyyyyy…my hubby liked it very much…thanks for sharing the recipe…

  4. rashmi

    Hai mullai,
    mouth watering…Can u pliz tell me whether it would be nice without deep frying coz my husband hates deep fried foods..can i shallow fry?? or use the oven???please give suggestions


    1. Mullai


      For certain recipes deep frying is a must, if cooked differently will make the end result a disaster. You can try baking, but no idea as to how long it would take, other choice would be to shallow fry the veggie and chicken till they are cooked and then add to gravy. But again, thats totally a different preparation and wouldn't taste the same.

      1. meena it the same brand name for the red and green chili sauce in India too or does it have a different name there..Can you please let me know ASAP as somebody is coming from there in a couple of days.

        Thanks !

    1. Mullai

      Radhika, Its quite simple, after the chicken is cooked and cooled thoroughly, use 2 forks, insert the prongs into the meat and pull gently or simply use your hands to tear apart the meat into thin strips.

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