Besan Burfi – Mohanthal

Besan Burfi

Written by Mullai

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  1. Vaishnavi

    Hello madam,

    Was checking out your site for diwali sweets and this one was tempting. Will surely post the feedback on how it came out. BTW, did u use the same quantity of ingredients as present in the terracotta bowls in the pic? Did this quantity yield 20 burfis?


  2. Suganswami

    I missed the 2 string consistency part, Mullai. I mean, I took it out before it happened, I think. I just tried a very little quantity. I couldn't make proper pieces. How does the '2 string' look? Can I get any clues? Very less experience with sweets…

    I followed method 2 for checking the consistency. After the thin string when I checked I felt it got thicker. So, I thought I kept it for long and went to the next step. 

    1. Manoo

      I have seen ppl following as mam said. But I read another method from a book also tried it. Take syrup in a spoon and pour it from one feet height into the syrup. Do it time to time. First it will just jump down like water. Then it gets the sticky stage. At that stage you will see the one string. Kambi mathiri ilu pattute uthukum. Then you will get two, three, four… After that syrup will become hard… Attaching a pic hope it can help you. (Ok my spoon is so damn big then the pan. he he… Oops forgot to draw the fire…Sry)




      1. Suganswami

        Thanks, Dear! Nice explanation. Sincere efforts, Pa! Veetla sweet piriyargal illai. And I'm so health conscious. Obviously, no experience.

        1. Manoo

          Hiii Akka,

          Ekkachakkathuku parattu kidaikuthu… So happy… Will try to do my best.. Thank you… & Happy b-day to you….



        1. Manoo

          Aiyo masters ellam illa… Kathukutti thaan. Just luv cooking… Sharing whatever I know… I am so proud to be a member here. Also soooooooooooo excited unga kitta iruthu parattuna summava…. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu

      2. Vijitha

        Hey  Manoo.. Kalakura po.. keep up ur good work man,, Nice to see explanation thru picture. A picture is worth a 1000 words. Hope u r doing engg in some archi or designing field. VIJI

        1. Manoo

          Thanks Viji. Btw, Naan design panina en group tension agiduvanga. Ethavathu machine panna kastamanatha than en design irukkum. Pavam pasanga… he he… I am very sure all companies will kick me out if i give such designs… Anyways take care

  3. Suganswami

    Hi Mullai,

    Actually, had a potluck already in which both the varieties of pongals were in the menu. So, searched for a dessert. Gonna make this… Looks tempting…


  4. Jayanthi S

    Hi Mullai…

    Thanks for the nice recipe…I just finished making this sweet…Tha taste has come out well…

    But I roasted the besan flour for a little longer time by mistake and it turned brown… 🙁

    So, the final product turned about to be like choclate burfi in appearance…

    I used one powder called Milk Mawa powder which I bought in Indian store. Is it same as the milk powder..?

    I am a big fan of ur recipes now and made puliyodhara today morning…It came out excellent…My husband too liked it a lot..

    I have also successfully tried out stuffed paratha and Paneer jalfarezi…

    Thank you so much for this wonderful work..

    1. Mullai

      Hi Jayathi,

      Thank you for your nice words. Chocolate burfi !! sounds good too, think you have given an idea here for me to try. Yeah, every minute counts when u make sweets, I've had so many experiences like this….ha ha…. Milk mawa.. I guess its milk powder, no sure about the brand though. All the very best for your future attempts.

  5. kalai

    Hi, I'm new to cooking. I just got married and your site is very useful for as I had never cooked before. Basan flour is -ulunthu maavu. Where to buy this? or should I powder the normal ulunthu and use it. Thanks

    1. Visitor

      Besan flour is not ulunthu maavu. besan flour is kadalai maavu. ulunthu maavu vachu intha sweet panna yenna dhan newly married na kooda thitu dhan vilum hubby kita irunthu paathuma

      1. kalai

        ha ha ha, thanks for your reply visitor. I can't stop laughing. Nalla velai sonninge, illana good luck to my hubby!! well, if it is kadalai maavu then I have it with me. Thanks again.

  6. hemeetha

    Hi mullai, I made this sweet with 1 cup of sugar and it has come out very well. I made it with kesar powder and khoya. I have not tasted the original Mohanthal. truely, this is a very nice recipe. Thanks again!

    1. Mullai


      Thanks, can you share the quantity of kesar powder and khoya? so that, it would help others, who would like to try with the same.

      1. hemeetha

        Hi mullai,

        Here is the modification I did.

        For 1 cup of besan flour, I add 1/2 cup of khoya.

        I used frozen khoya. inorder to melt, first I heated it in the microwave for 20-30 sec at high power. after kneeding it into a smooth paste, i dried the khoya to a bread crumb like consistency in a hotpan ( less than 5 min).

        Then everything else as mentioned in the instruction.

        I used 3 pinches of kesar powder.


  7. hemeetha

    Hi mullai, What does Cnt mean? Can you please give the measure in cups?
    Thank you very much…
    I am planning to make this sweet today.
    Thanks again.

  8. Kamini

    hi Mullai,
    Reciepe looks easy n the results are mouth-watering:-)
    From where did you buy milk powder? will I get in any indian grocery store?

    1. Mullai


      I have used Amulya milk powder, which I bought from India. But Indian stores do carry this product, check your local stores. Nestle Carnation instant milk powder is also equally good, which is available in all super markets, but most of the time I 've seen non-fat , which tend to end up less tastier. So try to grab Amulya. You can use Khoya, but haven't tried with that yet.

    2. Manoo

      You can use Dutchlady even if its available there. Dont ever go for not fat milk as mam said. I wanted to make milk toffee with that.. It formed a soft ball for a min and then loosened. Taste was horrible…I use calcimax (dutchlady) it turns out well for any milk sweets… 

  9. Manoo

    WoW……… mouth watering recipe… Cant wait to try this. will be making next week. btw, where do you buy those clay stuff. both are nice. I wanted to ask you when you posted the cow with chilli parotha. suttutuvan us vanthaal. so cute bowls & trays.

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