Badam Halwa – Mrs. Saraswathi Dorairaj’s special badam halwa

Badam Halwa

Written by Mullai

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  1. Rama

    Hello mullai,
    I tried your badam halwa. First of all amazing presentation as usual. Tempted me to give it a try. My badam halwa turned out to be a perfect Badam Burfee -:). Very tasty my whole family enjoyed.

    I started with the exact ingredients from your posting ( may be reduced the sugar ~ 2tbsp ) . Made sure the flame is all in med-low never high. Kept stirring. I noticed it start to roll up and seep ghee from halwa ~ 30 minutes into the process. But I noticed you mentioned 1 hr process , so I kind of let it sit for another 5 minutes . Started noticing , it kind of start to firm up. So took it from the stove and let it cool down in the plate. Noticed it start to become very firm to the point i cant scoop. So i realized its not going to be a halwa anymore so i made slices and made out a perfect Badam Burfee. Yes , i can bite into this burfee -:)

    Do you see what went wrong here ? I assume i should have taken out the pan immediately after the ghee separates from the halwa. Or 2 tbsp less sugar. Would like to do a perfect halwa next time ! FYI – I didn’t add the food color and had a very nice pale white burfee.

    Thanks for all your wonderful posting. I am your fan and follow your website since 2008 ! I think the first time i started my journey into cooking -:)

    1. Mullai

      Well, I can see only two issues here.. your method timing should be right because they change with different size, thickness ,shape of the pan or the size of your stove burner( electric coil / gas burner) . My pan was a huge non stick kadai which was not so thick plus I worked on the small burner of my gas stove. So these matters too… If your pan conducts hest fast .. that stage may come up early… Flat pans may speed up too… So these are the things I see and nothing wrong on your side. Now that you know the right padam.. Iam sure you will rock the next time. Thanks Rama.

      1. Rama

        After a re-try I got a perfect badam halwa. I am super happy. You are correct mullai, the temp settings /environment different on my stove so my badam halwa reached perfect padam when it was 45mts into stirring. I started checking it after 30mts to be on the safer side-:)..Thanks a ton. Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.

        One question , how long we can store it and how ? I made around 20packs of it . Should I need to store it in refridgerator? Or counter should be fine . I assume it’s gonna be all gone within a week.


        1. Mullai

          Yaay… great thanks for the feedback. Actually this is milk based badam halwa hence shelf life is limited. Its as such cold here in Michigan… so i keep it outside for a week… nothing happens. Counter top is ok for 2 to 3 days… but if you happen to be in a warm humid region then i would recommend to refrigerate upto a week. You may warm it up in microwave for 5 seconds or just keep it outside for 15 minutes it gets gets back to room temperature. Thanks again and have fun cooking!

  2. Priya

    I’m sure this sweet is very welcoming.. will defn try and give my feedback. My aunt makes badam halwa and I haven’t got a chance to inherit her style of making it. But this seems to be easy due to measurements. Let me try my best..

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