Badam Halwa

Written by Mullai

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  1. nila

    woww..i want to make this immediately please tell me ,can i prepare khoa like yours”microwave pal khoa” using condensed milk??

  2. freya

    Oh my dear Mullai ! U r such a fabulous one …I love u more than my mom..u r such a great cook! thanks a lot ..tons and tons..halwa was so awsome

    1. Mullai

      Oh my Freya!!! oray special cooking varamaaa?? You have tried so many recipes, good to know that you had great success. Thanks a bunch for all your feedback and have fun cooking.

  3. shan

    Mullai ma’am just done with my Badam Halwa, tasted yummy. But with the less amt of khoa it yeilds only a lesser quantity of B.H 🙁 I love the taste. Also i reduced the quantity of water and sugar. Thanx for ur receipe.

  4. shan

    Mullai ma’am going to make badam halwa, but having only 50 gms of khoa (homemade) can i proceed with the same ingredients or shall i reduce the quantity ?

  5. nithyasanthosh


    can u pls post me the recipe of “carrot halwa”? actually before couple of months i saw ur website & did carrot halwa & it came out well. but now i searched for that, but i could not find “carrot halwa” anywhere. right? hope u have removed. is it. a’m i right?!? can u pls post me again as i am planning to do “carrot halwa” on feb 12th, on my daughter’s birthday.!!
    pls reply me……

    Thanks & Regards,

      1. nithyasanthosh


        Thanks! i will use the advanced search option.!

        Thanks a looooooooooooot for ur wishes as well. My daughter is completing her 3rd year by feb 12th 2008.

        where r u now? in US? working there?!? do u have any personel mail id?!?


  6. Ramya Ashok

    2nd time it was gud again. but both times i prepared badam cakes rather than halwa. i think i’ve cooked for somemore time than actual. but already i prepared ur kaju katli. so i followed the final step of kaju katli for this and cut into badam cakes. looks and tastes awesome…..

    1. Mullai


      When the sugar syrup comes to a vigorous boil, start checking for thread consistency. We need one string or soft ball consistency, which should take about 5 to 6 minutes from the time you start melting sugar. When you place a drop of the syrup in cold water, it should form a long thread, when rolled up between fingers should form a soft ball. Explaning this procedure in words is very difficult, you have to actually practice  and evetually after a couple of attempts you should be able to master it.

    1. Mullai

      Rose, its also a form of condensed milk, but its not the equivalent. You cannot use it as a substitute, bcos khoa doesn't have sugar. Whereas condensed milk is packed with sugar. You also have unsweetened condensed milk, but again it cannot be used for making certain Indian desserts. If you wanna taste some good Indian sweets, then stick with Khoa.

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