White Bean Chicken Chili

Written by Mullai

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  1. M Divya

    Mullai mam.Now SSS day special for our SIO….lovely recipe..can wee try this recipe without chicken…if so give us some ideas….i have seen this bean here in baku… Divya Mubarak

  2. S.Priya

    Nalla concept SSS day..looking very yummy..am also having the same doubt, upload the pic pls..we have huge choice of beans here..thanks

  3. rashmisasi

    Thank you Mullai for taking your time and explaining it is such a Chweet Way..We just like your site so much..Thanks again..i will surely follow your SSS day soon..You are such an inspiring person..I mean it..

  4. Mullai

    Hi Rashmi, these are small white beans also known by a variety of alternate names, like Haricot beans, Boston beans, Pea beans, Yankee beans or simply white beans. Larger ones from same family are known as Northern beans or Cannelloni beans. Most of the American markets have these under dried food section, they also come in canned form. Sure.. will upload the picture tomorrow, btw bacon is optional and you can either go with cheese or crushed tortilla chips or just have it plain. Thanks.

  5. rashmisasi

    heay Mullai I love your idea of SSS day..Thanks for the recipe. can you please show how this beans look before cooking or just tell me in which area of the store i can find it.

    Thank U

    What can i use instead of bacon?

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