Veggie Swirl Bread – Vegetable Bread Roll

Written by Mullai

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  1. Sureka

    Swirl Bread: Mullai yesterday I made this veggie swirl bread with a little twist. I added some provolone cheese slices along with the mashed veggies. It came out so good. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes.Swirl Bread: Mullai yesterday I made this veggie swirl bread with a little twist. I added some provolone cheese slices along with the mashed veggies. It came out so good. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes.

  2. anup

    hi mullai,
    i tried this recipe lastnight,the dough didn’t raise within hour so i kept it almost two hours
    it raised little bit.after punching it also kept it for an hour.
    it cameout o.k but little hard,when i baked it.

    thanks for sharing this recipe.

  3. Mohitha

    hi Im new to this site. I will try this. I want to know that can i prepare it in microwave baking method.If so let me know the procedure please.ur site is sooooo nice.Thanku

  4. Valentine

    Mullai, i tried this y’day but… You have mentioned abt rising, but my dough didn’t rise, also i kept it for 1 hr after making the dough and after stuffing i kept it for 1 hr.

    Guess, have to add some baking powder or b/s. Also i followed the same measurements and ingredients as you mentioned. Could you pls tell me where i went wrong ?

    Wanted to correct my mistakes and to make perfect Swirl Bread next time…

    Onemore thing…Tried, mugalai mutton curry was superb…

    1. Mullai

      Inorder to activate the yeast, it needs perfect temperature and food. Warm water for temperature and sugar for food, if this is mixed properly and kneaded well there would be no problem in rising. Remember if you use hot water then it would kill the yeast, and the dough would never rise. Another point to note is use dry "active yeast" and trying keeping it close to your warm stove. Hope this helps, better luck next time.

      1. Valentine

        Yes Mullai, you're right. I used warm water to dilute the yeast. Yeah, that might be the problem of my dough is not rising. Next time will make it perfectly and get back with results.

  5. jayasri

    i forget to tell one main thing

    that the dough i made with wheat
    and am just new to cooking and married life(just 6 months complted)

    only by the help of ur website only am surviving in us

    thanks and keep posting new innovative recipies like this

  6. jayasri

    hai mullai

    this is jayasri again
    just now i put this bread in oven

    i devide the dough into two
    first one i filled sweet(grinded oatmeal biscuit with roasted coconut,cardamom powder with little sugar)
    sencond i made the stuff as of urs

    now eagerly waiting to see the output:-))

    and also waiting for my hubby to give

  7. jlakshmi


    I think Kids will surely love this.. I will try this over the weekend as I don’t have yeast and Cornmeal with me. The pictures are so so tempting . can’t wait to try and see.

    Lovely pictures and instructions.

  8. Manju Prakash

    Hi Mullai,

    This recipe looks too good. I will surely try it soon.

    Just a thought. Can I make bread rolls in the same way by baking using the store bought bread? If you have tried it, please let me know to do the same as in your recipe but using white/brown bread.

    Please do post more baking recipes. I would really appreciate it. And once again, Hats Off to your photography skills!!!


  9. danalakshmi

    hai mullai

    am so stund with ur recipe
    its looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have a doubt what s cornmeal
    it s same as cornflour

    am very excited to try this

  10. abigail

    Dear Mullai,
    This recipe is mindblowing and i have a question for u
    Can I add maida instead of all purpose flour and can
    I substitute corn meal powder with regular flour.

    P.S I made murungakkai muttai curry it came out very well!!!

  11. Sowmi

    hi mullai,
    Great job!
    is all purpose flour used in this and our regular maida same?can i use maida in place of all purpose flour?Please let me know……


    1. Mullai

      Yeah you can, but the flour mentioned above has already got baking powder and soda added.. so the proportion needs to be changed. I just followed the source recipe and cannot help without trying. Baking's very tricky, changes has to be perfect, unless you know for sure… alter the recipe, orelse stick the original. Sorry!!

    1. Mullai


       Gluten content varies with each flour, so same recipe cannot be used for all the flours. Some content changes… will try and let you know. Thanks for visiting.

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