Vallarai masiyal

Written by m.viji

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  1. Manasi

    Vallarai is best when it is not cooked. Soak it in salt water / luke warm if you are worried about bacterias.

    Chop them finely, add chopped onion, chillis, lime, pepper, grated coconut and consume immediately..

    or use the same ingredients said above and grind them into fine paste and serve as chutney.

  2. Mullai

    Viji, neenga romba lucky, Omanla vallarai kidaikuthu. Its really hard to find here, anyway here are the names in other languages for our friends to hunt for this great leafy vegetable.

    English – Indian Pennywort / Pennuwort
    Tamil – Vallarai
    Malayalam – Muttil
    Gujarati – Karbrahmi
    Hindi – Brahmi
    Telugu – Manduka Brahmi
    Sinhalese – Gotu Kola

  3. abhimuthu

    Vallarai keerai has unique medicinal value. It improves memory power and is very good for health.
    My mom makes delicious vallaarai chutney with coconut. Here in US we dont get this keerai. So I miss this keerai here and it has been a while since I ate this keerai. You recipe is interesting and healthy.

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