Two Minute Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake

Written by Mullai

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  1. Antara

    Hi Mullai, I read your recipe yesterday and cudn’t resist myself trying out the same evening. Its promising 2 minute recipe !! Marvelous cake. I wanted to know if I can use the same recipe in convection mode to bake a cake. WHat should be the exact proportion and temperature for convection mode. Also, the mug cake, dint come out clean out of the mug. So, will convection mode help to take it out clean as a cake?
    Please do reply.

    Many Thanks for a wonderful quick cake recipe!!!

    1. Mullai

      Thanks Antara for your feedback. Just a doubt did you by any chance grease the cup with oil? that actually prevents it from sticking to the bottom. I’ve never tried this recipe in a convection oven… these measures wont work for sure. I will try my best to post one soon. Thanks again!

  2. Mullai

    Hi Cap,
    Usually for a 1000 watt microwave 2 minutes should be fine, if the power level is low then go for increments. The batter should cover upto halfway on a regular coffee cup/mug. When you bake it you see the batter puff up on top and when you insert a toothpick, it should come out clean. It will for sure taste like cake but don’t expect too much, this is quick microwave method, you will yield a decent taste and texture but it cannot match the traditional convection baked cakes. Hope this helps and thanks for your feedback. OOps! notes part of the recipe is missing let me go and fix it.

  3. Cappuccino

    Hi mullai, really happy to see lots to newest recipes. I have a question is 2-3 mins enough for the cake ? I’ never tasted cake in my life. Planning to make for my hubby for V-day. Does it taste like a real cake ? I’m frequently trying all your recipes. My sister is your great fan. TIA. Take care mullai.

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