Trout Varuval

Written by Mullai

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  1. Maggie

    Hi can you please tell me where I can find this fish called Trout? what’s the tamil name for trout? please help!!!

  2. aarthi

    hi mullai,
    Actual ah enaku cooking la interest ilama iruthen but unga items ellam pathathuku apram enake nambale try pana enanu unga tips lam use pani panen romba nalla irukunu veetula ellarum soluraga thanx mullai…
    enaku ipa veral meen fry epud panurathunu idea kudunga pls…….. hotel ah sapura taste varanum mullai epudinu ipave sonegana na tmrw try panurathuku use ah irukum

  3. Preethy Susan Z

    I'm normally a foodie plus i like cooking …. now after getting accustomed to ur links I LOVE cooking …:) Am sure hubby and son are going to slurp slurp this sunday – Rasam and fish 🙂

  4. kaviarun

    Mullai, varuval super!!! is there any tricks to fry like urs? I’ve tried in iron / nonstick pans but, i couldn’t get perfect fry like this….thanks for sharing.

  5. pavithra sureshkumar

    Dearest Mullai…asusual kalakitinga.My husband like fishes.Yennaku romba fish pathi theriyadhu…but now i can’t say that after seeing your links for Fishes.Yena oru information…
    Super mullai…My hugs to you Mullai.

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